White open to return for Nate Marquardt, but not Anthony Johnson

by Michael David Smith | source: mmafighting.com

"He needs to go fight somewhere else, get some wins, come in on weight," White said of Johnson. "He needs to prove to me that he can be a professional, show up on weight and do the things he needs to do. If he does, we can talk."

When asked about Marquardt, however, White sounded open to the possibility that he could re-sign with the UFC. Marquardt last fought at UFC 128 in March, defeating Dan Miller, but was cut by the UFC after his testosterone replacement therapy resulted in a high testosterone count, causing the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to cancel his fight. White was furious at the time, but several months later he sounds willing to forgive and forget.

"I don't dislike Nate," White said. "I like Nate very much. We'll see what happens."

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JoeHurley site profile image  

1/28/12 5:26 PM by JoeHurley

 All he said is "We'll see what happens." and you got him "talking about bringing him back" and saying " that he is already IN talks with the UFC".  My god these assumptions!

ChicagoTom site profile image  

1/28/12 4:06 PM by ChicagoTom

Call me retarded but from this interview it sounds like he's open to BOTH fighters coming back

bhealthy site profile image  

1/28/12 4:03 PM by bhealthy

i told ya Fudd would be beggin marquart back into tha fold. marquart has done more for ufc-brand than it has done for him. he was a wreckin machine that fucked up and played against his last two opponents clean. he wont make that mistake again. phael and gsp both better watch out.

kizzy site profile image  

1/28/12 1:04 PM by kizzy

It would be great to see Nate back in the ufc, he's a tough fight for any one in the top 10 in mw or ww outside of the champs in those divisions. I agree with Dana's decision on rumble, and I don't see him coming back because to me it seems like his dedication isn't there and in lower promotions it will be less dedication and I would bet misses weight a few times therefor Dana not bringing him back. And I don't think daley deserves to come back. He's not a top ww, he's beat no one UFC worthy since he left except for masdival who is a great fighter and I think is a UFC worthy fighter but at 155 and he faught Daley at 170, Paul lost the 2 biggest fights he's had since leaving the UFC and lost them both to Diaz and Woodley. Kampman I think definitely underestimated his striking and power and stood for too long, if they fight again I see Kampman committing to takedowns a lot earlier in the fight before he gets hit with those hard shots.

stonepony site profile image  

1/28/12 4:20 AM by stonepony

Agreed. It was so disappointing. He's not only a great person, but, so fun to watch. The flurry he used to finish Wilson Guoveya (k that can't be spelled right), is one of my favorite MMA moments. I will always be tuning in if that guy is fighting.Wish he would have just admitted to cheating, and said he wouldn't do it again, instead of the standard excuses though.

CaptChaos site profile image  

1/28/12 1:15 AM by CaptChaos

From what I gather Nate had 2 fights cancelled in Bamma so he asked for a release. The guy has been inactive for a while. I think most people like watching Nate fight. I know I do. Daley probably would be back in the UFC but he has a BAD attitude. AJ also made some ignorant comments regarding why he missed weight. Dude when you have a history of not making weight it hurts you when you may have a real legit reason for missing weight. A guy arrested twice is gonna have a hard time proving he was innocent when he was oinnocent ver a guy who was never arrested. It's that simple.

mmavixen site profile image  

1/28/12 12:18 AM by mmavixen

 I'm a forgiving person, I say bring them both back.  Maybe give ARJ another chance at a higher weight?  I do think Nate should be back in the UFC.  He's such a good guy...

MTH site profile image  

1/28/12 12:00 AM by MTH

Good lord, Marquardt hasn't even FOUGHT outside of the UFC yet and Dana's already talking about bringing him back?? That doesn't sound like something Dana would just blurt out, and since Nate was just released from BAMMA I assume this means that he is already IN talks with the UFC. That'd be a nice turn for Nate. I say bring him back--Dana scared the crap out of him good, but he's one of the best so let's get him back were he belongs. And he better not piss hot again

OftheWay site profile image  

1/27/12 11:46 PM by OftheWay

 Marquadt screwed up, got cut by the UFC, paid his dues, IMO.  Why shouldn't he get a shot a redemption?

Sublime7SD site profile image  

1/27/12 6:34 PM by Sublime7SD

 They're often worded to sound more controversial because people want to read about controversy. It is done intentionally by native English speaking "journalists".