Jeff Monson: It's time for a change


Property rights in MMA came to the forefront in the last 24 hours, with a hacker collective going after UFC President Dana White for supporting SOPA, a now apparently dead Federal bill that would vastly expand the ability of U.S. law enforcement to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property.

White responded back agressively defining the issue simply - "Hey don't steal my s---."

Former UFC heavyweight title contender, and Anarchist, Jeff Monson offers a perspective that is familiar to many who find no fault with pirating content protected by copyright.

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Forrest Spliffn site profile image  

2/1/12 1:00 AM by Forrest Spliffn

He's not all wrong. He is however a cage fighter. That makes his political views laughable to the majority regardless of what he says.

Nitecrawler site profile image  

1/31/12 11:29 PM by Nitecrawler


bhealthy site profile image  

1/31/12 11:17 PM by bhealthy

i'm also for change, but let's start with something small, like eradicating mma of teams that have a consistent pattern of producing mma-players that piss hot.

bhealthy site profile image  

1/31/12 11:17 PM by bhealthy

whole fucking teams!!

TheVileOne site profile image  

1/31/12 10:56 PM by TheVileOne

We got a "change" in 2008. His name is Obama. And despite the "hope" he inspired . . . it didn't work out all that great.

OsotoGary site profile image  

1/31/12 10:50 PM by OsotoGary

Isn't this the same guy who also destroys collectively owned public property? Did they actually make him sand blast that statue he vandalized?

thedudebro site profile image  

1/31/12 10:46 PM by thedudebro

Both posts. A lot of statements and claims; nothing really informative or that hasn't been discussed already.Denied.

ufcman187 site profile image  

1/31/12 10:08 PM by ufcman187

Where is Patrick Miletich when we need him ? lol

Haulport site profile image  

1/30/12 4:55 PM by Haulport

And BTW: 50% of people sending in a tax return pay NO taxes. Are they the people "who earn so little they don't actually end up paying out an income tax"? Are HALF of the working class that poor?Get your facts straight.

Haulport site profile image  

1/30/12 4:51 PM by Haulport

I went on a rant about EXACTLY why he was saying that. He and people like you, word shit exactly like that so that you can confuse people into thinking that "rich fucks" (very objective of you btw) don't pay their fair share because the % of income paid is less. That is just some sorry-ass misdirection. The wealthiest 10% of this country shoulder nearly the entire tax burden of a Socialist gov't that simply steals people's money so they can give it to their friends and pocket the rest.What needs to be asked is why does ANYONE have to pay more than 15% of their income to the gov't? That's more than a fair share and it shouldn't be that the "rich fucks" need to pay MORE it should be that the "99%" should pay LESS.There is no amount of money in the world that can pay off the debt that has been created by a socialistic, thieving, political class that is using people like YOU my fren to advance their control of all our money. They wish to enslave us all and are nearly their will YOUR help...