Two Knockout of the Night candidates at UFC on FOX 2

source: The Underground

The first UFC fight ever broadcast ended dramatically - Teila Tuli's tooth went flying out of his mouth and was lost in the crowd, compliments of a Gerard Gordeau front kick. At least one other tooth lodges in Gordeau's foot.

“I think it was…totally in the face," explained commentator Jim Brown. "And I mean…awesome. Awesome. Tooth came out.”

It may have taken until last night to see something quite like Teila Tuli's toothy, as Cub Swanson landed a perfectly timed counter right, sending George Roop's mouthpiece on a journey, sailing out of his mouth, bouncing off the fence, and landing some six feet away.

Cub Swanson's KO even made ESPN top 10 plays. The crazy thing is, Swanson over Roop didn't even win Knockout of the Night. That honor went to Lavar Johnson for taking the iron-chinned Joey Beltran, who had never been kayoed before.

"This win shows that the Strikeforce heavyweights belong here," of the KO which earned him and extra $65,000. "We're all on the same level and now we're getting a chance to prove it. And the fans are the ones benefitting from it the most because they're getting to see action like this."

The three fights broadcast on FOX were widely panned as not representing the sport adequately, but the undercard on FUEL delivered. With performances like the undercard, and the track record of the UFC in building Spike, expect big things for FUEL.



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The Last Emperor site profile image  

1/29/12 2:20 PM by The Last Emperor

It was a beautiful punch from Cub no doubt, but they made the right call. Lavar's KO of Beltran was brutal. Guy's a fucking beast.

Empire site profile image  

1/29/12 9:01 AM by Empire

no way.beltran was never KO'd before and Johnson had him out STANDING w/ uppercuts.joey went down and did a shoulder roll cold from that KO.that deserved the KO of the night.

Hired Gun site profile image  

1/29/12 9:01 AM by Hired Gun

Cub Got Fucked That Was KOTN

Bon Jones Bones site profile image  

1/29/12 8:55 AM by Bon Jones Bones

It was on sportscenter's top ten. Ol DFW should give Mr. Swanson a little something.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

1/29/12 6:34 AM by ChaosOverkill

"the lower weight classes never deliver"Ug Noob factory

random_muppett site profile image  

1/29/12 6:29 AM by random_muppett


CHiLLEN site profile image  

1/29/12 6:06 AM by CHiLLEN

It will be shown a lot in highlight reels, as sweet as they come.

nobigdeal site profile image  

1/29/12 6:03 AM by nobigdeal

Cub looked great tonight. I thought the length of roop might present problems but cub walked through him.