Chonan denies report that Ishii suffered brain damage in Fedor fight


Yesterday it was reported that Satoshi Ishii suffered potentially career ending swelling of the brain in his New Years eve fight with Fedor Emelianenko.

There were other rumors floating that the fight was a work.

Now the website is reporting that DEEP middleweight champ Ryo Chonan says Ishii is fine, and rumors are should die, along with the people that made them.

On twitter, (Chonan) posted that "Satoshi Ishii is just fine;" further, "the people who spread these false rumors about other people's lives and livlihoods should just die," he also tweeted.

This is not in itself a complete debunking of the rumor. However, being that it comes from someone close to Ishii, it clearly may be regarded with an air of credibility. In response to these posts, some relieved fan messages were as follows: "Good news, I'm glad Ishii is not really retiring"; "We have good news for now"; etc.

Hopefully Ishii suffered no long last effects from the fight with Fedor. And hopefuly the fight with Fedor is actually a fight.


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jacktripper site profile image  

2/4/12 1:05 PM by jacktripper

Rockwell who are you quoting there? You're post makes little sense, I didn't make any accusations I just made a point about how utterly corrupt the jmma scene is and how common fixed fights are... Feel free to delude yourself that pride didn't work fights if you like though, you're a dying breed

LokiTheJester site profile image  

2/4/12 3:10 AM by LokiTheJester

This is weird, I know Fedor has some die hard fans, but its almost like they were salivating for Ishii to be seriously hurt to help prove it wasnt a work lolCome on guys, minutes before New Years countdown, Ishii goes down from that punchIshii saying in an interview a few weeks earlier that dealing with M1 was a headache and he didnt want the fight, then its on again lolFor those saying why would they have the Japanese guy lose, its not about that, its about having a main event people will tune in to watch, and i'm guessing its a lot easier to pay Ishii to go down then trying to pay M1/Fedor to do it

Doctor mmGAY site profile image  

2/4/12 2:42 AM by Doctor mmGAY

 Why did you post pic of yourself claiming it was me? Do you try to gain fame by me?

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

2/4/12 2:00 AM by ChaosOverkill

No this is Doctor MMA

jude099 site profile image  

2/4/12 1:54 AM by jude099

doesn't need to make sense, it happened.

rockwell site profile image  

2/4/12 1:26 AM by rockwell

 Sorry the burden of proof is on the person making accusations. So far you've offered no proof to support your claims of  "all the other JMMA fights that fighters have admitted were fixed".

jacktripper site profile image  

2/3/12 5:23 PM by jacktripper

Rockwell how about you list the fixed fights in pride if were handing out homework assignments

Garv site profile image  

2/2/12 9:14 AM by Garv

 Duh is right.  Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Take a Japanese star and have him lose to a Russian fighter on the tail end of his career.  Perfect sense.  Just like Ken Shamrock take a dive against Rich Franklin makes perfect sense. 

Stubjj844 site profile image  

2/1/12 9:48 PM by Stubjj844

Yep, it was a work, because Ishii has looked SOOOOO scary in his mma career so far. I'm sure Fedor was terrified!

rockwell site profile image  

2/1/12 9:46 PM by rockwell

 And both also confirmed it was by opponents camps and that the didn't take it. So list the works if there's more than the usual Takada or Coleman bullshit.