War Machine going back to jail for another year

source: twiitter.com

The fighter formerly known as Jon Koppenhaver has led a life that is fitting for a legally named War Machine.

He went 1-1 in the UFC and was released for making unfortunate comments about Evan Tanner, and general difficulty. Then he signed with Bellator and was released for posting really, really unfortunate things about President Obama on his MySpace.

He tried a career in porn, which was shut down when he beat up more or less an entire room of people at a party attended by porn professionals. And he recently got out of a year in County for felony assault.

He signed wiih Bellator, and was planning on fightng soon, but now he reports on twitter that is going back to lock up for a year.

Just wait until you all hear the horrible fucking news I just got...makes me too sick to say it yet..

Seems my year in jail wasnt enough. Just got sentenced to another year in Vegas for some old bullshit. Nevermind Im rehabilitated. Nevermind

Ive been out for over 6 months now and doing great and am finally back on my feet. Nevermind all my students that will miss me. Do another year and rot n waste time. Make no money, pay no taxes. Whatever, I just hope my boy @bensaundersMMA wins @BellatorMMA tournament.

Fuck the motherfucking system! Fuck the bullshit! Vacation time, back to jail in 2 weeks!

Cant stop me, all you can do is delay the inevitable. War Machine will always be back!

Oh ya the judge looked and me and said she can tell Im on steroids and that thats prolly why I got in so many fights and am angry..lol Bitch

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MMAKingdom site profile image  

2/20/12 2:20 AM by MMAKingdom

Yes, and so would ALOT of people, including me. Some people need to learn to just watch their mouth and they wont get beat up...period.

MMAKingdom site profile image  

2/20/12 2:17 AM by MMAKingdom

A loser because I dont condemn people for going to jail? GTFOH! LOL! Trust me...my life and bank account is GREAT. I am far from a loser.

JohnnyChrist site profile image  

2/12/12 7:09 PM by JohnnyChrist

But you see he's a citizen of the great country of the United States of America, where every person has the right to voice their opinion.I bet the people that are making excuses for War Machine are the same people that think Lee Murray should be released even though he's done huge crimes around the world. In other words, fuck you guys for holding your fantasy world of MMA to be more important than the real world where these guys hurt society and innocent people.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/12/12 6:10 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

My problem is the 6'2 300 lb guy he "sucker punched" likely has been doing that to small guys in the bar for years. How much you wanna bet Miller has busted a few heads?He got his shit pushed in by a smaller guy and he couldn't handle it. Bouncers are pussies; pro fighters can't engage in street fights. Those are two facts.

1BL0Wko site profile image  

2/12/12 5:58 PM by 1BL0Wko

Well, considering you're a nobody in this world, it shouldn't have an impact on what's already said and done. Hopefully, that puts your mind at ease. :)

jetbluejesus site profile image  

2/12/12 12:07 PM by jetbluejesus

At that point (sentencing) it doesn't so much matter about the truth, because he's plead guilty, so the truth is what it says in the guilty plea agreement. So you can't fault the judge for accepting that version of the facts. Now, he plead to a wobbler (can be treated as a gross misdemeanor or felony) with the State making no recommendation as to sentencing (i.e., not asking for prison). That normally would seem like a good deal, and probation would seem almost certain (and indeed, he did get probation--just with a year in CCDC as a condition of his probation). However, when you have a victim who has been as damaged as the guy in this case (the restitution alone was 61 thousand), the guy is going to hate the defendant's guts and ask for prison time if he ends up speaking at the sentencing. And the defendant won't be able to dispute the truth of what the guy is saying, because he's plead guilty. I don't know what the original charges were, but sometimes in cases like this, the defendant is better off going to trial. Even if he loses, he at least gets his side of the story out, and that will create enough residual doubt in the mind of the sentencing judge to where the defendant will do less time than if he plead guilty.

The Sultan site profile image  

2/12/12 9:51 AM by The Sultan

 damn that sucks.  

Ondz site profile image  

2/12/12 9:48 AM by Ondz

Karma, how does it work?

Dougie site profile image  

2/12/12 9:44 AM by Dougie

Well, you are a self admitted stalker, that might cloud your judgement.So, yes. I think it's just you.

epwar site profile image  

2/12/12 9:33 AM by epwar

I love the fact that a guy who changed his name to War Machine is always playing the "I'm a victim" card.