Koscheck and AKA split, fight with Fitch more possible?

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

"Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."
-Leo Tolstoy,

When Josh Koscheck narrowly defeated Mike Pierce he had at first glance what appeared to be a standard American Kickboxing Academy  (AKA) coaching team in his oorner - Dave Camarillo and "Crazy" Bob Cook. However, Javi Vasquez was notably absent, Camarilo is now longer with AKA, and at the post fight press conference, it sounded like Kos, who recently opened an AKA affiliate gym of his own in Fresno, Calif, isn't either.

AKA has been at odds with UFC president Dana White because the team's family values have prevented teammates Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, and Mike Swick from fighting each other. That may change now.

"I'll be training out of Fresno for now," Koscheck told MMAjunkie.com. "I'm no longer affiliated with some of the people at the gym that I've been training at."

“(It) was a tough camp knowing that this was my last camp there,” Koscheck said." I'm going to do my own thing."

"I kind of knew coming into this fight it was going to be slow-paced – he was going to put me up against the cage and kind of try to get a decision. To be honest, I really didn't have too much hype to fight him. This was like, 'Alright, we'll fight,' and it showed tonight.

"He came out and fought well. I pulled it out, I think, with just the wrestling aspect of it at the end of the rounds there and got the takedowns."

When Kos mentioned the split, fans on the UG immediately started thunking about a kos vs. Fitch fight. So did Dana White.

"That's what I whispered to him," White said. "I said, 'Now I'm doing the Jon Fitch fight.' That's what I said to him. He said, 'Good luck with that.'" White later said the remark was not serious and that he was not immediately pursuing the fight, but that it was a possibility.

"If the fight made sense, because there was a time when those two were both going, but if the fight made sense, yeah, I'd try to make it," White said. "I wouldn't do it just to do it."

Unfortunately, Koscheck vs. Fitch remains unlikely. Kos voiced willingness to still help Fitch out in training, and would prefer a fight with Nick Diaz or Carlos Condit. 

“Yeah, definitely. Why not?" Koscheck said of a fight with Diaz/ "He’s a tough guy. It would be a good fight/"

Of Condit he said “There’s a little bit of history with us and we were supposed to fight tonight. I’m down."

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MMAOutsider site profile image  

2/6/12 11:21 AM by MMAOutsider

actually this time they used the MMAJunkie headline, minus the question mark at the end  

Bootsy Collins site profile image  

2/6/12 11:14 AM by Bootsy Collins

It's UG news fren. Never let the truth get in the way of a sensational headline

BJJkilla site profile image  

2/6/12 10:36 AM by BJJkilla

so still wanting to help fitch out in training = koscheck wants to fight him now.

cdmontgo site profile image  

2/6/12 9:03 AM by cdmontgo

Actually, people want to see them fight because they are both top contenders in the same weight division.

sly fox site profile image  

2/6/12 8:46 AM by sly fox

 kos v fitch = yawn

RandyDarsh site profile image  

2/6/12 8:20 AM by RandyDarsh

Waste of read

CindyO site profile image  

2/6/12 8:16 AM by CindyO

You make a good point now. Fitch is coming off a draw and a KO and Josh is on 2 wins. The bigger the gap, the less interest there should be since there's at least 6 top 10 guys in the division both can still fight. Cindy

ufcman187 site profile image  

2/5/12 11:20 PM by ufcman187

I do want to see 2 top guys in a weight division fight each other. Last poll had Fitch at #3 and KOS at #4. This was BEFORE a draw with Penn ( wh ogot owned by Diaz ) and a 12 SECOND KO of Fitch by Hendricks. You may think they look hot in tights but I look for action. Boring fight.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

2/5/12 1:07 PM by Mix6APlix

Just the thought of this fight makes me start counting sheep.

Bry Bry site profile image  

2/5/12 12:56 PM by Bry Bry

Fitch just lost to hendricks..he doesnt deserve to fight Kosh right now...Fitch should fight someone like Kampman and Kosh should be fighting Nick DIaz IF Diaz is still fighting..