Fighter tries to take advantage of No Soccer Kick rule. Doesn't work out

by Kirik Jenness | source: The Underground

When the Unified Rules were originally devised, steps were taken to make the sport acceptable to the mainstream. One of these was to prohibit soccer kicks to the face of a downed opponent. Downed was defined as having any part of the body but the feet on the ground.

Occasionally a fighter tries to game the system and drop a hand to the mat. This can be strategic, as when shooting a high double, getting stuffed, and then avoiding knees. Or this can be bad for the sport, in order to avoid getting kicked in the head.

Inspired by the rules, or Jon Jones, or perhaps a Fiddler crab, Amateur Chad Sermon closed with his opponent while keeping one hand on the ground.

In this case, the strategy did not, in fact, avoid a kick to the face. Sermon was awarded the win in what may stand as the winning-ugly fight of 2012.

Later on the same card, two fighters flew through the cage door and were both knocked unconscious.

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EpicConfessions site profile image  

2/8/12 3:34 PM by EpicConfessions


Twenty47 site profile image  

2/8/12 3:32 PM by Twenty47

Lots of wrestlers would take down people and knee the fuck out of people in side mount or snap them into a front head lock and knee them. Wrestlers would dominate even more.

Joe Sons nuts site profile image  

2/8/12 3:28 PM by Joe Sons nuts

God I wish we had PRIDE rules in the UFC. A lot of boring wrestlers would reconsider their gameplans.The sport would be about 10x more exciting. Make it happen already.

Kimura606 site profile image  

2/8/12 3:03 PM by Kimura606

  I dont feel like this is with the spirit of the rule.  His fingers did not touch the mat as result of action.  He chose to "ground" himself , he was not grounded due to offense or defense.  Ive always felt that it should be the whole hand on mat anyway.    edit I was there that night.  HARDROCK MMA!!

cycklops site profile image  

2/8/12 1:46 PM by cycklops


Dammit site profile image  

2/8/12 1:33 PM by Dammit

^ To be fair, that picture's misleading. It doesn't show the moment of impact, which is the most important part. To me, this photo appears to be right after the moment of impact which carries his weight backwards and lifting his hand off the ground, but it could also be viewed as just before the moment of impact and he has his hand off the ground. Still inconclusive imo.

Drewout site profile image  

2/8/12 10:45 AM by Drewout

Legal Kick - Should be a KO win.

Funaki Masakatsu #1 site profile image  

2/7/12 11:31 PM by Funaki Masakatsu #1

LOL. that was AWESOME!!!

bytagro site profile image  

2/7/12 10:45 PM by bytagro

I would love to see nothing more than werdum get a rematch with jds and run at him on all fours like a dog get him to the ground and win the ufc titleit would be the greatest thing ever

dhughes site profile image  

2/7/12 10:40 PM by dhughes

A measure of true wisdom is to know when to stop when you're wrong. Unfortunately, pride makes people continue to argue a point long after they have realized their mistake.So, just stop.