Cesar: Diaz was surprised over positive test

by Michael David Smith | source: mmafighting.com

"I was very disappointed," Gracie said on The MMA Hour. "Everyone knows he smokes marijuana medicinally in California. He has a legal right to do it in this state."

Gracie said he was the one who was informed of the positive test and passed along the word to Diaz, and that Diaz had thought he had stopped using marijuana for long enough before the UFC 143 fight with Carlos Condit, and had enough water pass through his system, that a test would come up negative.

"He was surprised he tested positive," Gracie said. "He does the same ritual every fight for the last five years. He stops it in time and he cleanses his system, works out like crazy, drinks a lot of water and purges his system of it."

Gracie said he thought Diaz's weight cut may have contributed to the marijuana metabolites staying in his system longer than usual. Gracie said the Diaz camp has hired an attorney, Ross Goodman of Las Vegas, who will help to appeal to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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FRAZTV site profile image  

2/15/12 3:17 AM by FRAZTV

The lie I was refering to was your original claim that Nick "tested very LOW". You've now corrected it to an opinion of "most likely very low" which I respect. I didn't mean that you were having a tantrum. I was refering to "thedudebro"'s tantrums. That guy can't ever make a point without adding in bullshit or goig into ragetard ALL-CAPS mode and I wanted to throw out a caution about getting close to that path. I apologize for my tone.As I said, you make a lot of interesting comments and you're definitely one of the more knowledgeable posters on the UG.

Jaybrone site profile image  

2/15/12 3:11 AM by Jaybrone

 Testosterone and other anabolic steroids are schedule 4 drugs. Possession will get you federal time. it is in NO WAY legal to poesess. It's not letting me quote so anyway. Yes testosterone and other anabolic steroids are schedule 4 drugs. That does not mean they are illegal. They are known to have certain medical benefits and are legal to possess with a medical perscription. Not sure if I missunderstood what you where attempting to say. And according to the DEA the penalties for a schedule 1 drug (MJ included) is harsher then class 4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Controlled_Substances_Act

banging site profile image  

2/15/12 2:55 AM by banging

He doesn't try to "BEAT" the drug test. He stops smoking days, weeks before, 8 days according to him and he doesn't seem like a liar to me at all. He could smoke the day before and take many over the counter cleansers, drink a gallon of that tea and pass any drug test there is. He doesn't like that tea because it's not NATURAL; he hates stuff thats not organic or has unnatural chemicals in it.He chooses to not "BEAT" the test and stops smoking a week out; the test is supposed to see if your HIGH when you're competing but the test SUCKS and only shows that you've smoked weed in the past month! Do you get it now?

jkd4200 site profile image  

2/15/12 2:39 AM by jkd4200

Lie?What Lie? Tantrum? what tantrum?Just stating facts and educated opinions. thats all.Nick has tested for 5 years with no problem while still smokin his herb.This time it tested positive (most likely very low)He went through his normal routine.THAT is why he was shocked (surprised)

eljamaiquino site profile image  

2/15/12 12:21 AM by eljamaiquino

You're absolutely wrong....Testosterone and other anabolic steroids are schedule 4 drugs. Possession will get you federal time. it is in NO WAY legal to poesess.

Sublime7SD site profile image  

2/14/12 11:23 PM by Sublime7SD

 I thought I had heard Nick say something about thinking that he wouldn't pass the drug test "anyway" after losing the decision but before the positive test results came back,

FRAZTV site profile image  

2/14/12 9:55 PM by FRAZTV

You're starting to froth like that douchetrain whiner "thedudebro".You have absolutely no idea whatsoever what level Nick tested at. That information hasn't been released. Your pathetic lie only destroys any credibility you may have had.You usually make interesting comments so get a grip before you devolve into just throwing tantrums like that simpleton "thedudebro".

HELWIG site profile image  

2/14/12 4:06 PM by HELWIG

Blows the biggest win of his career for a plant.Now this.Must not be too serious.

Ronnieb site profile image  

2/14/12 3:41 PM by Ronnieb

lol@weed being on a banned list with ped's. the only time could be used as a ped is during a grocery shopping spree

sawdusk site profile image  

2/14/12 3:34 PM by sawdusk

as I understand it, this is why many pro athletes fail drug testing: the body is just too unpredictable no matter how successful methods of masking or cleansing the system have been in the past... there is always that one time the body does not cooperate...