Markes broke hand in 1st round vs. Simpson


You seem to be unsatisfied about your performance. What happened?

What happened was that on that first streak I broke my hand. Then it was really hard for me, because when I held him my hand was really hurt and I couldn’t do much.

Did it disturb your game plan?

Absolutely. The entire fight my hand was aching, but I got the win anyway. I guess it influenced a lot. It was a God’s blessing I made it through until the end with my hand like this.

He knocked you down on the first round. Did it really get to you?

It got me, but I was aware of it when I felt. I stood up and I knew what I had to do. When the fight was over I knew I had won.

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Acidic site profile image  

2/16/12 11:24 PM by Acidic

 shit hope it heels fast and he gets back on track. kid is destined to be a top 5 MW imo

Chris site profile image  

2/16/12 5:49 PM by Chris

 ouch. pretty impressive to keep fighting.

KC007 site profile image  

2/16/12 3:23 PM by KC007

Was it his right hand? I kinda suspected it was broken when he started throwing right elbows.


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