Dana White: Don't come in looking like a gorilla in a scarf

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The UFC has seen fighters compete with a less-than-ideal appearance.

Kimo Leopoldo showed up on a cross.

Ricco Rodrigues accepted 100k to wear a henna tattoo advertising an online gambling site, sucessfully bet the money on himself at 5-1, and in so doing in his own words "almost brought down the UFC."

Dennis Hallman showed up to work in a cup too large and a banana hammock too small, and almost got himself fired.

No one expected anything unusual from clean cut, athletic Dave Herman, when he showed for UFC on FUEL 1.

However, \Herman avoided a lot of shaving, and showed up at media duties with a dark beard, and a pink scarf he says he knit himself.


His Pavarotti: The Early Years look was skin deep - he stopped shaving his body, and instead died everything black. Ring card girl's faces tell the story.

UFC President Dana White was not impressed.

"I like Dave Herman," said White, adding, "the stuff that he pulled this week? I can't stand that stuff.

"Listen, if you want to get noticed ... get noticed for your fighting skills. Not for coming in like a gorilla or wearing pink scarfs. And coming in to "Macho Man?" As I was sitting there, I'm thinking 'did I seriously let him come into this song?'"

White said he has nothing against the Village People or the song, but he was serious about the not serious appearance.

It probably did not help that opponent Struve stopped Herman in the second.

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Salt the Snail site profile image  

2/18/12 5:18 PM by Salt the Snail

I love that he doesn't like this stuff, but if you put on some corny fake trash talk you get title shots.

UGCTT_stu0411 site profile image  

2/18/12 5:07 PM by UGCTT_stu0411

Fucking ridiculous statement from Dana.

Cryptic site profile image  

2/18/12 5:03 PM by Cryptic

It's only a scarf and a beard. big deal.

Pride Never Died site profile image  

2/18/12 4:00 PM by Pride Never Died

 Epic thread. Your an Anus is top ten best UG moments of all time.

captain_underwear site profile image  

2/18/12 1:40 PM by captain_underwear

Its real simple to explain dfw's double standard-Vinnie McMahonthis is the reason the ufc is pushing me away....INCONSISTENTit's half fighting and half WWEthat WWE half REALLY NEEDS TO GO, it is juvenile, and stupid, and fairly insulting to an intelligent person.I guess that is why so many 20 year old guys are absolutely rabid fans of everything that they do.If you were to look up 'corporate' in Websters dictionary you would most likely find the Zuffa corporate logo.I like Joe and Goldie, the whole Fuel thing doesnt really impress.ta ta

32Hunter site profile image  

2/18/12 6:38 AM by 32Hunter


JOB site profile image  

2/18/12 4:28 AM by JOB

No man should be that hairy. We evolved a long time ago from requiring a fur coat. All I could think of during that fight was 'Somebody wax this mother fucker'.

Chris site profile image  

2/17/12 9:21 PM by Chris

 lol @ your an anus.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/17/12 8:25 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

*questionsI asked more than one, obviously. None will be answered but maybe I can get an expletive laden response.

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

2/17/12 8:24 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

DFW JR, legit question. Why are the antics of Nick Diaz excused, the antics of Chael Sonnen championed and Carlos Condit waiting for GSP acceptable if Herman was bad for the sport with his weigh-in stuff and Dan Henderson wishes to wait for his title shot, too?I don't get why Sonnen and Diaz are ok but a guy having a little fun at the weigh-in (which many fans never see) is somehow bad. Pissing dirty after a fight they all saw is worse than looking hairy at a weigh-in they didn't. As for Condit/Hendo. Why aren't you publicly wishing for Carlos to fight say Ellenberger instead of taking 10 months off?Jake fared FAR better versus Carlos than did Nick yet Diaz was going to get a rematch. All seems hypocritical.