Paul Sass vs. Jacob Volkmann confirmed for UFC 146


AddictedMMA have received confirmation from the UFC that verbal agreements are in place for a lightweight match between undefeated submission specialist Paul Sass and Jacob 'Christmas' Volkmann who has won 5 straight fights since dropping to 155lbs.

The fight looks set to go down at ufc 146 in Las vegas and should be a real grappling war as both of these fighters are highly regarded in their respective ground-based disciplines.

Sass has won 11 of 12 MMA fights via submission, most recently defeating Michael Johnson by heel hook. He is most renowned for winning 8 of his fights via traingle choke, often referred to as the 'Sassangle'.

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kidpresentable site profile image  

2/23/12 9:23 AM by kidpresentable

If you think Jon Favreau's repeatedly calling the girl who gave him her number in swingers is funny, then absolutely.  Watching him in public is exactly like watching that scene.  Its pure awesomeness. 

Scott Rotem site profile image  

2/22/12 12:45 AM by Scott Rotem

Volkmann is hilarious now? Jesus Christ.smh

TheoBrixton site profile image  

2/21/12 11:21 PM by TheoBrixton

lol, well played.

WRESTLENOW site profile image  

2/21/12 10:53 PM by WRESTLENOW

volkmann will put a harsh end to Sass's pulling guard nonsense.expect relentless Ground and pound and top control.

grafzep site profile image  

2/21/12 9:19 PM by grafzep


adamscheulen site profile image  

2/21/12 8:20 PM by adamscheulen

Jacob vocal volkmen ftw

DanCrase site profile image  

2/21/12 7:32 PM by DanCrase

Yeah, at some point Volkman will take this fight down, and Sass will be all over him like a cheap suitSass by sub

OR Scrub site profile image  

2/21/12 6:52 PM by OR Scrub

sass is awesome but i gotta root for the MN kid, even though he is a dork and says some dumb shit. it is what it is. Sass should win this no prob though.

thatwhitekid site profile image  

2/21/12 6:38 PM by thatwhitekid

Paul "bad" sass via triangle