SI video profile of Ronda Rousey: 'The Perfect Storm'


Life gave Ronda Rousey all she could handle when she was born blue and not breathing. Rousey was revived in the operating room, but was later diagnosed with brain damage that hindered her ability to speak coherently until age six.

At 8, Rousey's father took his own life after he'd been paralyzed in a sledding accident and then contracted a rare disease that made recovery impossible.

Mother Ann Maria, who'd taken up judo when her own mother pushed her out the car door at the local YMCA and told her to go join something, made it a requirement that all her four daughters at least try the sport that had empowered her.

At 13, Ronda began drilling armbars with her mother to the point where she could do them in her sleep.

"My first injury ever was a broken toe and my mother made me run laps around the mat for the rest of the night," said Rousey. "She said she wanted me to know that even if I was hurt, I was still fine."

By 15, Ronda earned a spot on her first Olympic team and began competing in hundreds of matches on the elite world circuit.

After her second Olympics, a 21-year-old Rousey took one year to see what life felt like without judo in it. She got her own apartment and a bartending job. She began to wear makeup.

"After a year of that, I said, 'OK, this is cool, but I'm really not meant to be normal," said Rousey. "I was raised with the idea that I was going to be extraordinary in whatever it was I chose to do."

Rousey's whirlwind win streak is reminiscent of Royce Gracie's domination in the earliest days of the UFC, when no opponent had the knowledge to defend his family's style of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Whether Rousey can do this before Tate can expose the weaker parts of her skill set -- presumably her striking -- will be determined on Saturday.

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3/2/12 8:38 PM by Only1

Great stuff. And a nice person.

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3/2/12 8:24 PM by Dana Stern

Ronda is talented but she's annoying as fuck and basically Tito Ortiz with a wig on, both complete dumb, dumbs. If she's just chill and stop acting like she's 13 she'd be little easier to listen to. Very confrontational. I am excited about the fight tomorrow its interesting.

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3/2/12 7:52 PM by jaseprobst

 Wow. I just saw a unicorn walk across this thread.

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3/2/12 7:16 PM by loretta

Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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3/2/12 6:30 PM by StayRad

iPhone. For later

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3/2/12 6:22 PM by ShaqNoob

Obviously not in the pic but look at her in the video dude.

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3/2/12 6:17 PM by jack_wilshere

Rousey's gonna decapa Tate

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3/2/12 6:13 PM by NazeerMKhan

...and why Loretta Hunt banned from the UFC again?Why the fuck are the two best journalists in the sport (besides AH) banned from covering the best league in their sport?Dana needs to realize that he can't ban every fucking journalist writes anything that's mildly critical of his company, especially now with the UFC growing so rapidly with the Fox deal.