Caraway: If Rousey wants to challenge me, I'll break her arm

source: The Underground

In a recent interview on the The Joe Rogan Experience BLOG #15 Ronda Rousey, laughing, said "I want to fight Miesha next, and then after that I wan to fight her boyfriend." (13:51 mark) When asked if she really thought she could beat Miesha's boyfriend TUF finalist Bryan Caraway, Rousey said yes, twice.


When asked on Twitter about the comments, Caraway was intially light hearted, but was goaded into more bitter replies.

Who would win in an Mma fight, @rondarousey or @BryanCaraway ? Bookies have #Ronda as a 3-1 fav

thats honestly a joke an a publicity stunt! It would be no comparison I could use 1 arm seriously lol

Rousey says she can kick ur ass. Would u ever fight her?

that was just a publicity stunt. Guys and girls arent = I would knock her head off w 1 arm or choke her, not a real question

you like stomping on women? that's classy. @RondaRousey is going to break your girlfriends arm. lolz!

and if she wants to challenge a man I'll knock her teeth dwn her throat the break her arm!

@danawhite I'd say @BryanCaraway deserves a suspension. Whatta piece of shit.

well she shouldn't be running her mouth and calling out a man saying she could beat me up.

‏ @MieshaTate
Ronda called out @BryanCaraway & he would RUIN her, cry me a river if any1 else thinks different! She needs 2 learn her place

I hope you have bail money ...just saying

I'm not a thug and street fight. I'm talking in prac. Or a legitimate fight. But the whole thing a joke!

That is probably the dumbest thing to be proud of that I've ever heard. Congrats.

proud of what?? She gonna talk smack she needs to know her place.

dude you shouldn't hit women you'll end up like @chrisbrown

‏ @BryanCaraway
she wants to act like a woman then of course not she wants to think she can challenge a guy that's her fault

bitch ass wants to be the next Chris brown says hell f--- up @RondaRousey face

and arm!!! Dnt forget! Dnt act like a man and call me out! Plus who u think most girls train w everyday???? MEN

 is saying he would kick Ronda's ass and break her arm , what the hell is going on here ....

tired of her mouth an calling me out. She needs to know women dnt belong competing against men

Wtf? Now @BryanCaraway is threatening to whip @RondaRousey ass. This is getting into bitchassness territory. Seriously, you're a man bro.

that's exactly what I'm saying I'm a man and she called me out thinking she can compete with men.

‏ @colbub
or maybe you shouldn't be such a misogynist. If you can't handle a girl poking fun at you, you have esteem issues.

‏ @BryanCaraway
haven't said a word in weeks but she really believes she can compete w a man she better realize

are you the Chris brown of mma? Fight @CMPunk he isn't down for women hitters

‏ @BryanCaraway
oh I dnt hit Women! But she not a women. She gonna act like a dude she can deal w the consequences.

dana will drop your ass for threatening a woman

‏ @BryanCaraway
I just said if she wanted to COMPETE against me that's what would happen

let Ur lady handle her. As a man you shouldn't get in their soap opera. Just saying bro

yeah but she speaking from a sport athletic perspective not a street fight thug mentality.

I'm sure battered women were wrong for "talking back" by your logic.

‏ @BryanCaraway
it's a SPORT! she wants to Play and I said what would happen

 I'd say @BryanCaraway deserves a suspension. Whatta piece of shit.

all I wa saying is women can't compete with men and if he thinks she can she get Killed

‏ @nth993
so when @MieshaTate challenges you and makes you mad "acting like a man," do you smack her around a bit to keep her in line?

we spar all the time it's a SPORT.

Brian , dude!! men should NEVER threaten women or actually hit them. WTF dude that's bitch shit

‏ @BryanCaraway
what do u think happens in prac every day?? R u serious??? MEN that's who punches her in the face everyday.

‏ @BryanCaraway
so yur saying all the guys tat spar with her everyday shouldn't hit her back?? It's a sport dude. Same as basketball

No excuses fool. Haha jk bro, gona be good fights tommorw #Strikeforce @JoshThomson Wins too over Noons

ya I have Thomson too I think close fight though! I would ne'er just hit a woman EVER.

I mean I've always been a huge @MieshaTate fan, but seriously a man threatening a woman, no matter what, is a coward move @BryanCaraway

 its Not a threat, it's the truth cry me a river

‏ @Iamjacksrage
yall are some badasses. I hope she breaks your f---ing arm, and slaps your weak ass boy afterwards. Yall are trash

old to say on the net. U don't know me. I would never just hit a girl. It's a sport!

nd who says women can't compete with men? Go watch footage with Cris Cyborg in training and tell me it can't be done.

I love chris but she was on steroids and testosterone which makes her more equal to men?

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zora_d_1991 site profile image  

3/6/12 5:09 PM by zora_d_1991

Fuck you and your white knight garbage. Besides, I already tried that line on Winston in a similar thread. No one here is that delusional. You've made your point clear, dogmeat. Have fun with it. You're a classy dude.

32Hunter site profile image  

3/6/12 4:14 PM by 32Hunter

I think she would fight him, the didnt back don from her statement at all on the mma show yesterday.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

3/6/12 4:12 PM by Winston Wolf

im married and way too old for her anyways

Winston Wolf site profile image  

3/6/12 4:10 PM by Winston Wolf

im sure he has no intent

Dogmeat 1 site profile image  

3/6/12 3:43 PM by Dogmeat 1

yep you're right. A trash talking professional fighter who constantly talks shit about other fighters is exactly the same as a housewife who was being seriously abused in her relationship. if someone wants to be treated with respect then they need act in that way too. if they act like an idiot then they will be treated as such. I was actually going for Rousey in this fight but she definitely fits into the later category.

Dogmeat 1 site profile image  

3/6/12 3:34 PM by Dogmeat 1

Rousey said some stupid shit and Carraway responded in kind. It doesn't matter how much you guys act like white knights, you are not going to get any action out of it. If you are going to whine about Carraway being unprofessional then you really should be going after Rhonda toojust because she is a woman doesn't give her a free pass to act like a moron

Leigh site profile image  

3/6/12 3:22 PM by Leigh

No I don't think she intended to fight him. And I don't think he intends to knock her teeth down her throat

BradGluckman site profile image  

3/6/12 2:29 PM by BradGluckman

   Looks like they worked out any differences

Winston Wolf site profile image  

3/6/12 2:12 PM by Winston Wolf

i was brought up not to talk to woman like that .Im sure Carraway was emotional because it was near fight time But IMO he should apologize and be the bigger"man" as u put it.The very few arguements Ive had with woman other than my wife I felt bad about and would always apolgize evev if i was in the right.Im sure if he apologized it would end it.As for Rhonda and Meisha hyping the fight that is their job and they did a great job doing so.But what Carraway said IMO wasnt appropriate

Gokudamus stole my name site profile image  

3/6/12 2:10 PM by Gokudamus stole my name

Caraway got trolled. Rousey seems delusional