Dana White happy Nate Quarry getting opportunity at Spike

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Attention UG re: Nate Quarry's new job w/SpikeTV

From: CindyO
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I talked to DW earlier tonight and Nate Quarry's new job with Spike came up. I asked him how he felt about it, and asked if it was true the reason Nate retired on-air recently was because (according to a UG thread) he knew he'd never get back in the UFC due to his new job and the perceived bad-blood with SpikeTV.

DW started laughing and asked if I was serious. I couldn't recall which poster made the initial comment above as well as one about Mike Straka possibly losing his credentials for being Nate's sidekick (lol), but I assured him I was. He said both "rumors" are BS and asked me to post a quote for him on the UG to clear this up because he's slammed tonight and might not get a chance to login:

"Everyone at the UFC loves Nate and are VERY happy for him getting this opportunity on Spike. If anyone deserves it, it's Nate!! And I like Straka!!!"


Read entire thraad...

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CindyO site profile image  

3/13/12 12:35 AM by CindyO

  FRAT!!! j/k:) You're welcome! Cindy

Nate 'Rock' Quarry site profile image  

3/12/12 8:53 PM by Nate 'Rock' Quarry

Same reason we all do. It's fun.

goku site profile image  

3/12/12 6:20 PM by goku

o yea? how come dana makes fun of straka's high heels

UGCTT_RickStorm site profile image  

3/12/12 6:18 PM by UGCTT_RickStorm

 Thanks Nate!

mattroth512 site profile image  

3/12/12 6:08 PM by mattroth512

Nate, thank you for clearing this up. There were definitely concerns from people that Straka would lose credentials and that you were blackballed by the UFC for retiring on Spike TV. It sounds like the UFC is treating MMA Uncensored like another version of MMA Live or Inside MMA.

Nate 'Rock' Quarry site profile image  

3/12/12 5:59 PM by Nate 'Rock' Quarry

Appreciate the slow clap. That's one skill I've never learned. Talk about awkward!

bknumber1 site profile image  

3/12/12 2:10 AM by bknumber1

*starts slow clap*Keep rockin brother and thanks for the clarification.

Nate 'Rock' Quarry site profile image  

3/11/12 9:38 PM by Nate 'Rock' Quarry

Ok, here I am to answer directly.Thank you Cindy for clearing this up. I hadn't even heard there was a controversy until someone on Twitter asked me. He said that some reporter had said I was threatened by the UFC that if I did the show I'd be fired. I said no, that didn't happen.Then he asked if I was being honest with my answer.Well guess who doesn't like having his integrity questioned? Yep, me. Why would you ask someone a question if you wouldn't believe the answer in the first place? Anywho, this is what happened:The thought of retirement had been on my mind for quite a while. But I am not ready to fade away from the sport that gave me so much. So I hit up my agent Gary Ibarra from the AMR Group and told him I'd like to pursue something on camera involved with MMA.The first shot I got was the short running show American Cage Fighter. The show was great and was incredibly well produced. But it was only seen in N. California and we couldn't get funding for a second season. Well, I'm not one to sit around so when the UFC moved to Fox I sent an email to Dana and expressed my desire to be a host on one of their shows. I expressed to him that with the growth of the UFC there will be a need for more hosts, previously I didn't want to look like I was trying to take anyone's job. I even went so far as to talk to one of the UFC employees that makes those hiring decisions. For whatever reason, nothing really developed. So we just kept plugging away. My agent gets word that Spike is going to do a show so he pitches me to Spike. Some of the guys there were for me, some were against. Straka was a proven journalist and Carton hosts the #1 sports radio show in NYC. I was the only unknown although I'd venture to say I've done more public speaking than probably any other MMA fighter in the world. I've been doing public speaking since I was 7 after all. I've gone from small Bible readings at Church to speaking at a TEDx conference. But I had never done a live show like this.But, all I ever ask for is a chance to prove my value.Spike brings me out for an "All Hands Meeting" where they're going to introduce us to the entire staff at Spike.They call out Carton, they call out Straka. As soon as they call me out Carton starts screaming at me, "Can you hear me behind those ears?!"At which point I take the microphone and say, "I really feel that my fighting career started hear on Spike. It's such a great opportunity to continue my career here. For the past 15 years I've had to listen to analysts and writers who've never fought a day in their life tell me how to do my job. Now I finally get the chance to... (and I turn to look at Straka and Carton) ...tell them to SHUT THE FXXX UP!"And the crowd goes wild :-)My understanding behind the scenes was that the president of Spike met with Dana and told him about me being a host and Dana said they picked the perfect guy. My relationship isn't what it was with Dana 5 or 6 years ago. I don't have his phone number. We don't really communicate at all. And at times I've even been vocal that I felt some things that were being done weren't in the fighter's best interests. But I got to tell him face to face a while ago that what he and the Fertitas did changed my life and the life of my daughter. And I got to thank him. I've always loved the UFC. One of the sad things was that 90% of my interaction with all the staff there was the week of my fight. And man, I'm in a bad mood that week. And most of them just don't understand it. For me fighting has never been a sport. It was my ticket out. And when you know that one single day in your life will drastically change everything for you, that's a little stressful. And any comments I ever made about the business side has always just been me reacting as an employee (in my mind at least) who wanted an extra day off or a small hourly raise. But that's just human nature. And if I look at how I went from fighting for 10k for the title to having my show money on a fightnight being over 40k, I don't have much to complain about. As usual I think I'm wandering off topic. But the short answer is, no. The UFC never contacted me about the show and definitely never threatened me. And while we're talking about Bellator and every other fight card on the planet, the UFC is still the biggest show around and we'll always be talking about them and thus promoting them as well. Does that clear up any and all questions?

Roy Batty site profile image  

3/11/12 7:34 PM by Roy Batty

I'm confused. I thought Nate retired from fighting a while ago?

The Patriot site profile image  

3/11/12 6:58 PM by The Patriot

How many "F" bombs did DFW drop on your phone conversation? just curious


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