Buakaw living in a room with three other fighters, fighting for $200

by Daniel Fletcher | source: fightsportasia.com

While there is debate over whether the compensation is fairer in MMA or in boxing, the example of Buakaw, the world's greatest Thai style fighter, shows that in some sports, the compensation is horrific.

Last week Buakaw disappeared from his training camp for over a week, with his family unaware of his whereabouts. Now, in a Thai language interview, a worried Buakaw obliquely refers to the abusive conditions under which he fights for the gym Por.Pramuk, as detailed by fightsportasia.com.

The K-1 MAX legend and Lumpinee International Fighter of the Year speaks out in this shock interview, in which he candidly reveals that he wanted to retire in 2009, but Por.Pramuk would not allow him to. He also mentions wanting to go out and enjoy himself more, and that he has had many problems within the gym regarding training and other issues, but that the gym “make problems for him”, and strong arm him into training more and backing down regardless of the issue at hand.

It was insinuated throughout the interview that Buakaw had been threatened. At the very least, that he has been forced into acquiescence by Por.Pramuk for years upon years, the gym in which he lives in a room with three other men.

Any questions asked about money, it should be noted that Buakaw quietly avoided answering, instead telling us that he’s suffered recurring injuries. It has long been known that Por.Pramuk have taken the lions share of all Buakaw’s fight purses; the strongest rumour being that when he won 1 million yen (about US $12,000) for the K-1 World MAX, that he only received 20,000 (about US $200) of it and that the rest went directly to Por.Pramuk who ‘bought four houses’, among other subsequent expenditures.

It should be noted that while Buakaw avoids responding to questions about money, he has never denied that his gym take the lions share of his earnings.

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In an admittedly remote but none the less positive turn, famed Muay Thai and MMA trainer Duke Roufus has offered to host Buakaw.

From: Duke Roufus 
Roufusport Academy, Owner
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Roufusport will host him!


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whistleblower site profile image  

4/11/12 9:51 PM by whistleblower

It was actually 20 million yen he should have received just for the tournament win bonus alone for the K-1 MAX GP (in addition to the fighter's purse for the individual fights themselves).This amount was certainly no secret at the time as not only did K-1 themselves announce that as the prize, but it was written out on the over-sized check that K-1 symbolically handed out to the winner.So Buakaw should have known how much he should have gotten - and if he ended up getting only 20,000 out of that 20 million yen (which would be in the neighborhood of about $200k U.S., depending on the exchange rate at the time), then he got screwed even worse than reported.Btw, good job covering the whole Buakaw saga, as well as Muay Thai in general on your site. Appreciated.

CrocopPleaseRetire site profile image  

4/11/12 1:36 PM by CrocopPleaseRetire


Fletch site profile image  

4/11/12 12:07 PM by Fletch

 Buakaw said to be fighting on Thai Fights, but still in doubt. He needs to use the Por.Pramuk name or both he and Thai Fights would be in the shit legally

Fletch site profile image  

4/9/12 3:50 AM by Fletch

Fight Sport Asia: Buakaw Not In The Clear Yet (UPDATED) Keep checking FSA for your updates :)

Rusty Shackleford site profile image  

4/5/12 6:22 AM by Rusty Shackleford


Rusty Shackleford site profile image  

4/5/12 6:21 AM by Rusty Shackleford

I just read he just had a press conference and got cleared to fight

Fletch site profile image  

4/5/12 6:08 AM by Fletch

FSA~ Buakaw Not In The Clear Just Yet Link ^ Credit to my main man Boyd for this one. From two days ago but ah well.

Duke Roufus site profile image  

4/2/12 7:49 AM by Duke Roufus

No Worries Great Stuff!

1fletch site profile image  

3/23/12 2:50 AM by 1fletch

 http://fightsportasia.com/2012/03/20/buakaws-new-banchamek-gym-with-yokkao/ Keep checking FSA for your MMA and Muay Thai breaking news from Asia

anunaki site profile image  

3/23/12 12:20 AM by anunaki

what if he just bails to the US? his contracts cant possibly hold up here can they?save him Duke!W!$con$!n