Former user John Alessio taking a stand against PEDs

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When questioned about PED use during an interview with the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” program, 32-year-old UFC, WEC, and Pride FC veteran and current Xtreme Couture fighter John Alessio jokingly asked if he could plead the fifth.

Then he told the truth.

Alessio fought Pat Miletich for the UFC title in 2000, and has fought professionally 47 times. In addition to Miletich, opponents include Diego Sanchez, Thiago Alves and Carlos Condit. In short, Alessio has seen it all, and should be listened to.

Curiously, the interview was conducted while Alessio was inside a hyperbaric chamber, one piece of using science legally to that Alessio embraces, while rejecting PEDs.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Alessio said. “I’m an honest person. When I was young -- in my 18, 19, 20s, you know, 22 -- I dabbled in a few of them. I tried them out [to see] how it is, so I know what they can do, and I know how they can work against you also.”

“I never did [PEDs] for a UFC fight, or any major organization."

“There are proven facts [that] it can make you faster and stronger, but there are proven facts [that] it can gas you out eventually.”

“I’m not in a weightlifting competition. I’m not in a bodybuilding show. I’m in a mixed martial arts fight.”

“In the dark ages of the sport, I tried [PEDs], but I also became a firm believer in ‘let’s make this sport natural.’ "

“I’m trying to take a stand,"

“Peak athletes are getting better, younger, stronger and faster, and I think science is behind our sport now.”

“In football, hockey and all those sports, they’ve always had those outlets. With science, it has gotten so much better, and athletes are performing better.”

“A lot of people have become dependent upon performance-enhancing drugs and stuff because of the mental factor. They don’t feel as strong; they don’t know if they’ll be as mean out there. And I’m definitely against performance-enhancing drugs. I think it’s kind of silly. I don’t think it is necessary at all. I think you can get everything you need naturally.”

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JOESONDO site profile image  

3/13/12 6:44 PM by JOESONDO

I'm not sure what he is expected to say in those situations. He has a fight coming up obviously. Is he supposed to say he believes in PEDs and they help fighters out a great deal? Of course he is going to condemn them, he has no other choice.

Madrugadao site profile image  

3/13/12 6:03 PM by Madrugadao

I think it helps recovery. More oxygen to muscles.

FatFrenchFry site profile image  

3/13/12 5:56 PM by FatFrenchFry

What does he use the hyperbaric chamber for?

LTL site profile image  

3/13/12 2:58 PM by LTL

Watch John's fight on Friday on show;

FedorWand site profile image  

3/13/12 2:43 PM by FedorWand

Exactly........people act like taking Deca is going to be the same as stacking Cypionate & clenbuterol.  Taking a drug does nothing for your mind to muscle reflex. That still has to be trained to become instinctive. Can PED's help you.........absolutely. But you're not going to take Joe Riggs & turn him into JBJ even if you took every drug known to man at the same time. 

Godmode site profile image  

3/13/12 2:06 PM by Godmode

lol @ people calling steroids like it's a single category of drugs. There are all types of roids...

Carne de cavalo é o melhor site profile image  

3/13/12 1:59 PM by Carne de cavalo é o melhor

BzGrappla site profile image  

3/13/12 1:45 PM by BzGrappla

YEP! This! You're average american or typical fan things of steroids they think of Bodybuilding body types test. Nope. There is a big market out there composed of DESIGNER STEROIDS

Carne de cavalo é o melhor site profile image  

3/13/12 1:40 PM by Carne de cavalo é o melhor

“There are proven facts [that] it can make you faster and stronger, but there are proven facts [that] it can gas you out eventually.”Yup that's why the American cycling team avoided anabolic steroids at all costs, right?Oh...Anabolic Steroids are profoundly effective, and when used under professional supervision with the proper training would only yeild (massive) results.