Anderson Silva: Chael Sonnen doesn't deserve a rematch


"(What does Chael Sonnen represent for my career?) Nothing! He’s possessed by a demon. That’s the truth. He’s an athlete that failed the drug test, I fought him while injured, and he had problems with the American Justice system. He respects nothing and he didn’t respect our country. What does he represent? Nothing.

"I respect the opinions and the positions of the promoters of the fight and the owners of the event, but in my opinion he shouldn’t get the chance to fight me again. But that’s not something that I can decide. I will get ready for the fight just as I would with any other."

"He disrespected our idols that made history in the world of sports, such as Lance Armstrong. This guy is complicated, he’s got personal issues. The attention that the Brazilian media gives him, the attention that Palmeiras gave him, it’s very bad. If any Brazilian would be in the position that he finds himself in, if they would talk about the US and he does about Brazil, and the American idols, we wouldn’t even have the same opportunities of going in their country or talking to the American media. I think that Brazilians should be more patriotic, like the Americans.

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bemsqua site profile image  

3/15/12 8:36 PM by bemsqua

I have never seen more misguided, jock riding posts in my life. I really don't understand the idol worship that goes on with some of these fighters. Anderson doesn't freaking walk on water. Sonnen deserves the rematch. He won his fights....there is no one else more deserving. Get over it! He dominated the first fight for 24 minutes and there is no arguing with that.....he got caught in a submission with a minute to go and lost. He fought Silva like no one else has fought him, so of course, he deserves the rematch. There is no one else. I seriously fear for the well being of some of you guys if God forbid, Anderson would lose. I seriously think some of your lives would be affected because he means so much to you.

MPA site profile image  

3/15/12 8:13 PM by MPA

I agree. Chael doesn't deserve squat.

John Nic site profile image  

3/15/12 6:30 PM by John Nic

 I can't wait until a healthy anderson puts chaels lights out and you dont hear another word out of Chael's loud steroid cheater mouth.

Jmart760 site profile image  

3/15/12 1:37 PM by Jmart760

I agree that Chael should get the shot, but Anderson doesn't OWE him a rematch. He won the first fight and Chael had extremely elevated testosterone levels. Why would he owe Chael a rematch?

studiocamp site profile image  

3/15/12 1:22 PM by studiocamp

lol @ sonnen deserving a rematch on anything other than his shit-talking. Getting boo'd for a boring ass fight against Bisping shouldn't garner a title shot, but the simpleton fans bought the WWE schtick and so he gets one.

TecHNieK site profile image  

3/15/12 1:22 PM by TecHNieK

Jon Fitch got wins over a lot of welterweight.. You didn't see him getting another title shot

JamesTheWelshDR site profile image  

3/15/12 1:13 PM by JamesTheWelshDR

He didnt get a rematch because he was suspended , and okami was fighting silva when he was able to fight again He was promised a rematch after the fight he then fights two top contenders rather then wait and you still think he is only getting a rematch because of trash talking ?Maybe he will loose by ko or sub again but then again its mma anderson could loose the same way you dont know with this sport

Body Shots site profile image  

3/15/12 12:33 PM by Body Shots

And did he get an instant rematch? NO! Why was that?He is getting this rematch because of his constant trash talking / trolling.. Dana and Co. know that they can make a shit ton of money off this fight.. He fought an injured Andy who still did more damage and FINISHED Chael..Chael might lose by triangle again if he doesn't get KO'd!!

BrockbackMountain site profile image  

3/15/12 12:24 PM by BrockbackMountain

  LOL sonnen was getting fucked up worse then silva....