Sperry: Jones is tough, but Rashad is 'phenomenal'

by Guilherme Cruz | source: tatame.com

Sergio Babu was the responsible for his Jiu-Jitsu trainings back then. How was he when you first got there?

Rashad is a phenomenal athlete. Rashad is a phenomenal athlete. He has a great ground game and he`s from wrestling, so he`s fiscally privileged. In terms of gi Jiu-Jitsu I can`t tell, but in terms of MMA Jiu-Jitsu he has a pretty efficient game. The rest of the teams have some highs and lows. There`re people with excellent Jiu-Jitsu level but some don`t really know it. But, in general, I guess their level is reasonable for having a good fight.

Rashad is fighting Jon Jones, who has shown sharp ground game against Rampage and Lyoto on his last fights…

Jon Jones is very talented. I guess it`s a hard fight for anyone whether it`s on the middleweight, on the light heavyweight or even on the heavyweight. He really knows how to use Jiu-Jitsu techniques mixed with MMA techniques, more precisely MMA techniques that really hurt, like knees, elbows, ground and pound. He`s tall, very tall, We`re working on his game, which is very efficient.

How do you see this fight between them since they`ve trained together in the past? Did he comment some of weak point about the champion`s game?

Absolutely, but I don`t think that`s that relevant because each fight is different. It`s going to be decided on the day they fight, they are in different moments now than back when they trained together.

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Recent Comments »

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

3/21/12 10:39 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

"It`s going to be decided on the day they fight" Profound!

Warrenpeace site profile image  

3/21/12 9:24 PM by Warrenpeace

Each time I see jones opponents I think...he may have so e trouble with him. Each time I couldn't be more wrong.

Master Bater site profile image  

3/21/12 9:17 PM by Master Bater

this is clearly a troll thread........Mario Sperry cant even say the word "Phenomenal" ........ let alone say it "Twice"what he really said was: "No...done doo datt, you really done wan doo datt"

stonepony site profile image  

3/21/12 6:56 PM by stonepony

It's easy to spot Rashad's close friends and teammates. They're the only ones predicting that he'll win this.

rockyrhoads13 site profile image  

3/21/12 3:11 PM by rockyrhoads13

Rashad was Phenomenal until Machida, Silva, and Jackson hit him on the chin. Then he looked pretty human. He won the Silva fight and Jackson fight because his wrestling is "phenomenal" and when he got rocked his wrestling instinct kicked in.I'll admit right now that I'm not a Rashad fan at all but I do see him giving a challenge to Jones but I still think Jones gets the W.

tripleBAK site profile image  

3/21/12 2:18 PM by tripleBAK

Damn ... Then I think Rashad may still have a chance ..

RandyDarsh site profile image  

3/21/12 1:13 PM by RandyDarsh

you know that was a troll thread right? by the dimebad diaz guy..

tripleBAK site profile image  

3/21/12 12:54 PM by tripleBAK

I was actually thinking that Rashad could have a chance winning. But after reading a thread about him partying this weekend don't believe he is going to win ..

Immaculata site profile image  

3/21/12 12:45 PM by Immaculata

This is going to be JBJ toughest fight IMO but, he'll still walk away Champ.

Bry Bry site profile image  

3/21/12 12:45 PM by Bry Bry

Rashad is the 2nd best light heavy in the world but Jones is better...Rashad will give Jones his toughest fight to date but i dont see him beating him..