GSP hoping to return for UFC 154 in Montreal


St. Pierre is hoping, however, to return in 2012, particularly at the UFC 154 event now scheduled for Nov. 17 in Montreal. At least, that's what he said at today's presser:

"My rehab is going really well. The doctor says it is the fastest they've ever seen. I'm halfway through my rehab and I can't push too much. I have to wait the minimum amount of time that I'm allowed to start training again. I'll be training full out in July and hopefully I'll have a chance to fight in front of my Canadian fans in November."

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Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/22/12 12:40 AM by Octagon Mom

I'm just saying a couple of years ago on the streets of Montreal GSP was king, and that brought a ton of people into loving the UFC and now that they have seen what spectacular finishes look like, they still love GSP but they no longer fantasize about him like they use to.He's not that dirty whore at work that sends you texts at night talking about how she wants to run into you in the parking lot and show you how good she can keep a secret, now he's more like the wife you've banged till dust has come out of her box. I'm just teasing, he is still king, but like I said, he's not that dirty slut at work that you just know wants to come out and bang!-Sandra

OscarGoldmen site profile image  

3/21/12 10:00 PM by OscarGoldmen

Mind bottling...right...

Gnarls Gnarlington site profile image  

3/21/12 9:49 PM by Gnarls Gnarlington

lol @ some people complaining about the Champion getting to fight for his home crowd. Mind bottling.

Boofhead3 site profile image  

3/21/12 8:37 PM by Boofhead3

Now that its definanate that e will fight in Nov or Oct, surely Condit will take a fight?

JUSTIN KASE site profile image  

3/21/12 8:32 PM by JUSTIN KASE


JUSTIN KASE site profile image  

3/21/12 8:31 PM by JUSTIN KASE

It that so?

TheReflectionOfPerfection site profile image  

3/21/12 8:26 PM by TheReflectionOfPerfection

UFC 100- VegasUFC 111- JerseyUFC 124, 129 - CanadaSUPPOSED TO HEADLINE 137,143- VEGAS.2/6

Schmohawked site profile image  

3/21/12 7:05 PM by Schmohawked

Sweet. GSP gets to fight at home. BIG SURPRISE!

Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/21/12 6:56 PM by Octagon Mom

Has anyone realized this is going to be a first true high level Jackson fighter vs Jackson fighter? We all just may get sucked into a black hole when the fabric of space and time gets ripped apart from the stalling and lay and pray that each fighter will bring that will make time seem to pass so slow it will actually stop and then infinity will come into this dimension on of time. The good news is they are going to have the rest of eternity to get some fans gainst the fence. -Sandra

Octagon Mom site profile image  

3/21/12 6:52 PM by Octagon Mom

What's ridiculous is how many home advantages GSP continues to get.Here is the reality that even though he is a ridiculous home town favourite here, his constant inability to put guys away is wearing thin on a lot of people.