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When Brian Ebersole agreed to talk to us about his history with AKA and Josh Koscheck, we knew we’d get a nice insider’s view of what might be cause of Koscheck’s recent split and subsequent bashing of his former team. As you know, Ebersole too is a former AKA fighter who’s time there overlapped with that of Koscheck’s.

VigilanteMMA: We know you trained at AKA for a while back in the day. When were you there?

Brian Ebersole: I was at AKA from 2003-2005.  At that time, I left the team also; as another team/training situation was appealing. Mind you, this was during the formative years of AKA, where there were no really big fights, no TUF, and many involved in the AKA training/management program were also working full-time outside of the gym. Resources were not nearly as grand as they are today!

VigilanteMMA: When did Koscheck enter the picture at AKA?

Brian Ebersole: Josh came out to AKA in 2004, but he didn’t come straight out to live in San Jose. He immediately settled into Fresno, where our manager lived in a mansion, had a private jet, and set Josh up with a cozy income-earning position coaching wrestling, privately, to groups of school-kids. Being AKA’s first All-American wrestler, he seemed to have gotten the royal treatment. That’s my view, looking back. With that, Mr. Koscheck traveled into San Jose when he saw fit.

VigilanteMMA: Kos ripped on Javier Mendez and the other AKA coaches. How do you feel about the coaches there?

Brian Ebersole: I think AKA has some of the most talented coaches he could have asked for.  Camarillo, BJJ/Judo Black belt. Javier was a world champion. Bob Cook was an undefeated MMA fighter and is widely regarded as Frank Shamrock’s best student (and he went on to train under many more talented gentlemen). Daniel Cormier came out and acted as a coach and teammate. Jerome Turcan, who handled my striking development, is a multiple time French Savate Champion and a former K-1 Finalist. I mean, he was surrounded by talented former athletes, and some of the best active athletes in his weight class (Fitch, Swick, etc.)

He couldn’t get good work in? It was there to be had. He mentioned that Javier coached him but that he didn’t learn anything. Really? I learn from BJJ blue belts whilst I travel the globe teaching and training. And you can’t learn from a former World Champion? That’s a curious comment, if you ask me, which you did.

My feelings about the coaches there? Again, I was there during a different era. The system was not in place as it is now. And I, admittedly, did not take full advantage whilst there. I had stretches, where I trained well. And I learned so much. But I didn’t see a future at AKA, as nobody took the time to really map it out, and MMA did not have the opportunities that is does now.

I left because I did not feel that I had a mentor in the gym, and our manager, Dwayne Zinkin, was fairly inactive during this time, at least on a personal level. But Josh had exactly the opposite situation. Dwayne took great interest in ensuring Josh was living comfortably.

I just wasn’t sure that the AKA program was going to push me into the UFC. Bob Cook was busily working himself to the bone, as a general contractor, and Dwayne Zinkin didn’t really give me much input as far as outlining future goals/projects. Without having an understanding of my own future, as the management/training team saw it, I felt alone and a bit insecure in trying to make a career of MMA—and again, California was expensive.

The TUF Season 1 really made AKA, in my opinion. Three guys ended up on the show, and Jon Fitch was right on their heels, as he would gain a contract through his outstanding record and the fact that the UFC was now in contact with AKA regularly because of Swick, Kos, and Southworth being on the show. I’d left just before that boom, and watched all of my teammates greatly benefit from the UFC/TUF success. But I did get to fight Cung Le in San Shou, going to a close decision, and gained extreme confidence in my ability to fight standing up! It all works out, I guess.

VigilanteMMA: What you’ve told us today seems like what we saw of Koscheck on TUF and what we see of him in interviews is a pretty accurate picture of who he is.

Brian Ebersole: I’m not alone in thinking he’s a dick. I revisited AKA a time or two since I’d moved to Australia. The first time, I came off of a 14-hour flight and went straight to the gym. I announced that I had a fairly serious neck injury. I had a decent spar with Fitch, who held me down and beat me up, but kept a respectable speed/intensity. But Koscheck acted like I was standing in the way of him and a paycheck. And socially, he was very abrasive per usual.

In all of our interactions, never once did he thank me for booking his 1st fight, or taking my Christmas holiday to head out and train with him (on my own dime). I think he was successful because he had a chip on his shoulder all his life. And that’s fine. But when life opens its doors to you, allows you to live the dream, maybe some class, tact, and grace is called for? Life and society has obviously stopped beating Koscheck up at every turn. I assume an educated guy like him would actually put into practice some of the things he’s “learned” about treating others as you’d like to be treated.

He’s always a bit flippant and disrespectful to Helwani, but this last interview was ridiculous. Bad attempts at humor and despite the line of questioning, he brought it back to the drama/breakup he had with AKA. He went well out of his way to slander Javier Mendez and the system that AKA has built. Very disrespectful. Koscheck was not a self-made UFC star, as he’d like you to believe. There are more guys than just me that remember him punching like a girl for a few years. He’s figured it out now, and punches with power, but he didn’t do that on his own.

If he had any problems with Javier, it’s because Javier was the only one that would conflict with him. Most of the coaches are very non-confrontational. Javier tells it how he sees it. Josh probably had a big problem anytime criticism came; and 90% of that would have come from Javier, because it was not in the nature of the other coaches. Not surprising that they butted heads.  And not surprising that Kos has acted like a child in regard to his life-changing plans. Disappointing to many, no doubt.  But not surprising to anyone who knows him.

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grafzep site profile image  

3/22/12 9:51 PM by grafzep

Good interview, he has his opinions and clearly reasons for them. I really like this guy. Fan of Kos as well.

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

3/22/12 9:10 PM by Masakatsu Funaki


BaraoKix site profile image  

3/22/12 8:41 PM by BaraoKix

Ebersole is just backing up what everyone has known for years now

Mike Ox Sofa King Thai Knee site profile image  

3/22/12 8:05 PM by Mike Ox Sofa King Thai Knee

Brian ebersole suprised the hell out of me with his debut and I love this interview dude. If he can beat top vets hes got like 100 fights and hes crazy unpredictable always looking for a finish kos better knock him out early or i could see ebersole subbing him

spliff site profile image  

3/22/12 9:34 AM by spliff

not suprising

Jack Skellington site profile image  

3/22/12 8:47 AM by Jack Skellington

 been saying it the whole time, Kos really is a dick and not in a funny way, he's an actual dickhead & men that have trained with him say it, not just Ebersole

XFC site profile image  

3/21/12 5:03 AM by XFC

intimidation is the greatest form of flattery :)

Wolfie1 site profile image  

3/21/12 5:02 AM by Wolfie1

Motorboating the Hairrow, best stock up on floss

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3/21/12 4:32 AM by Elbeezy1


rumble_fish site profile image  

3/21/12 3:49 AM by rumble_fish

not surprised about kos being a dick in real life. would be interesting to see kos vs twas. i say twas would wreck kos on the feet, and although i think kos has the ability to take twas down, i'm not so sure he can keep him there. MAKE IT HAPPEN JOE SILVA