Dana White: Everything in the world has been pussified

by Jose Rodriguez | source: calgarysun.com

Jose Rodrigues: As you know, we love our hockey here. And it remains the only other pro sport that allows fighting. Curious as to your thoughts on fighting in hockey?

Dana White: I’m not a big hockey fan. But I respect how talented you have to be to play hockey. Soccer? That’s a whole other ball. Can’t stand soccer. It’s the least-talented sport on Earth. There’s a reason three-year-olds can play soccer. When you’re playing a game when the net is that big and the score is 3-1 (and that’s a blowout) are you kidding me? You know how untalented you have to be to score three times when the net is that big? Now back to hockey. You have guys on skates with crooked sticks and you have to hit a puck into a net that’s the same size as the goalie. And at any time someone could take your head right off your shoulders and it’s perfectly legal. That’s a real sport that takes real talent, speed and all the things you need to be a real athlete. Now fighting is a part of hockey and has been since Day one. It’s part of the game. It is what it is. I think we live in a world now where everything has been so pussified. When I grew up we didn’t wear helmets when we rode our bikes. We didn’t have car seats. We didn’t have all this stuff. Now things are safer and we should be safer but let’s not go overboard. Fighting’s a part of hockey. Period.

JR: Will we see women fighters in the UFC any time soon?

DFW: I’ve always said there aren’t enough good women to create an entire division. But we will have these great one-off fights like Ronda Rousey versus Meisha Tate. That was a big fight and a lot of people were interested because those two women can actually really fight. Now, everyone disagrees with me on this, even Lorenzo, but I’m right. I think it’s going to be very hard to find worthy opponents for Rousey. I think she has all the tools and ability to become a really huge star, but she’s going to lack opponents. Hope I’m wrong. But I don’t see it happening.

JR: It seems media are treating the sport as more of a sport now. Are you frustrated it took so long?

DFW: They’re not. In Canada you feel that way because you’re here. We did this without the mainstream media in the U.S. To this day, the mainstream media the U.S. doesn’t give us…not us, the athletes…the respect they deserve. That’s why I’ve become such a monster on social media. You don’t want to cover us? You know what? We’ll talk directly to our fans.

JR: If you could create a Frankenfighter — from selected parts of top UFC fighters — what would he be like?

• The Jiu-jitsu of Frank Mir.
• The wrestling of Randy Couture.
• The chin of Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell — when Chuck had a chin. That was the thing that made him such an exciting fighter. Great takedown defence, knockout power in both hands and a chin from hell.
• The kicks of Georges St-Pierre.
• The punches of Thiago Alves. He has the knockouts and most knockdowns in UFC history.
• The heart of Frankie Edgar.
• The mental fortitude of Anderson Silva.
• The strategy ability of Randy Couture.
• The old school knees would go to Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.
• The elbows of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

JR: What are the top three walk-in tunes in the UFC right now?

DFW: One of the new top ones is ‘I’m coming home.’ Anyone who fights in their hometown is playing that. Anything by Rage Against the Machine always gets played. And maybe Run This Town by Jay-Z.

But Country Boy Can Survive (Matt Hughes walk-in tune) is one of my all-time favourites. The first time I put on a cowboy hat was 13 seconds ago so it’s not like I’m a big country fan or anything.

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In Limbo site profile image  

3/24/12 12:05 PM by In Limbo

 FORMER football players that NEVER competed at the high levels and turned out to be CHEERLEADERS from a mere sample size of 47 of which only 19 did gay stuff the study i borught up was about UK men, in general, and polled 145 students with 89% of them kissing and cuddling their friends.... i win again

tenchu site profile image  

3/24/12 11:50 AM by tenchu

Very true.

DrunkenBatman site profile image  

3/24/12 10:58 AM by DrunkenBatman

The worst is the way Dana talks to almost anyone on twitter that criticises him for what he said.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

3/24/12 10:50 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle

  Over One-Third Of Former American Football Players Had Sexual Relations With Men, Study Claims ScienceDaily (Oct. 29, 2007) — A study of former high-school American Football players has found that more than a third said they had had sexual relations with other men.   In his study of homosexuality among sportsmen in the US, sociologist Dr Eric Anderson found that 19 in a sample of 47 had taken part in acts intended to sexually arouse other men, ranging from kissing to mutual masturbation and oral sex. The 47 men, aged 18-23, were all American Football players who previously played at the high school (secondary school) level but had failed to be picked for their university’s team and were now cheerleaders instead. They were at various universities from the American south, Mid-West, west and north west. Dr Anderson, now of the University of Bath, UK, said the study showed that society’s increasing open-mindedness about homosexuality and decreasing stigma concerning sexual activity with other men had allowed sportsmen to speak more openly about these sexual activities. He found that this sex came in the form of two men and one woman, as well as just two men alone. He said that the sexual acts described differed from acts of ‘hazing’ or team-bonding that often include pretend-homosexual acts. “The evidence supports my assertion that homophobia is on the rapid decline among male teamsport athletes in North America at all levels of play,” he writes in his study, entitled ‘Being masculine is not about whom you sleep with…Heterosexual athletes contesting masculinity and the one-time rule of homosexuality’. It will be published in the journal Sex Roles in January.   “These finding differ from previous research on North American men who have sex with men, in several ways. First, previous research describes heterosexual men in heterogeneous group sex as men symbolically engaging in sexual practices with other men. However, I find informants actually engage in sexual activity with other men. But this does not mean that they are gay. “Second, my informants do not feel that their same-sex sex jeopardizes their socially perceived heterosexual identities, at least within the cheerleading culture. In other words, having gay sex does not automatically make them gay in masculine peer culture.” He believes the positive portrayal of homosexuality on television, the ease with which homosexuals could gradually ‘come out’ by using the internet, the ability for straight men to talk with gay men on the internet, and the decline of religious fundamentalism has made homosexuality and homosexual acts considerably less controversial for university-aged men. This had made revealing the fact they had engaged in homosexual acts easier. Dr Anderson was the first openly gay male high school sports coach in the US. He left coaching after one of his students was assaulted because it was assumed that he was gay. Dr Anderson is now working in the field of sport sociology at the University of Bath, and is the author of In the Game, Gay Athletes and the Cult of Masculinity. “Men have traditionally been reluctant to do anything associated with homosexuality because they feared being perceived gay,” he said. “There has been pressure on them to conform to the notion that being male is about having traditionally masculine traits, in terms of dress, behaviours and sexual activities. “But as more men are open about their varieties of sexuality, it becomes less stigmatized to be gay or to have sex with men. It is increasingly not a problem to act in otherwise non-traditional ways. “I see this in other areas of my research too, including how men behave in straight nightclubs, where I find that university-aged men dance as much with each other than with women, and how heterosexual men are increasingly free to wear clothing styles or colours that once were taboo for them. “This isn’t something that would have happened ten or twenty years ago. Times are changing and they are changing rapidly for men of this age.”      

JAS_99 site profile image  

3/24/12 10:33 AM by JAS_99

Who cares about man kissing ? We don't watch soccer to see man kiss man so you don't know anything about the beautiful game that's why you judge a whole game by some pics.

The Patriot site profile image  

3/24/12 10:25 AM by The Patriot

DFW is correct people.

In Limbo site profile image  

3/24/12 9:45 AM by In Limbo

 we don't know much about any sports where men kissing their male teammates is CUSTOMARY

JAS_99 site profile image  

3/24/12 9:42 AM by JAS_99

Most Americans don't know shit about Futbol (soccer).

The Patriot site profile image  

3/24/12 9:13 AM by The Patriot

Only people who play soccer in America are girls, boy's with single mothers and nerds - FACT!....oh yeah and illegal aliens.

Teenage mutant lesnar turtle site profile image  

3/24/12 3:06 AM by Teenage mutant lesnar turtle