DFW: I'd love to do GSP vs. Silva in Canada

by Jeff Cain | source: mmaweekly.com

GSP on GSP vs. Anderson Silva

“I have considered it, of course," said St-Pierre on Wednesday when asked about the possibility of facing Silva. "But the thing is, right now, I’m focusing on one thing at a time, focusing on my knee.  Once my knee will be 100-percent, I will focus on getting back to my title."

“When I get back to my title, depending on what’s going on, I might have to take another fight.  If everything goes, like stars align and everything, maybe we’ll see one day in the near future what is going to happen.  Depending if I’m going to go up or if he’s going to come down, it’s too far away to think about it right now, but it’s something that could happen, of course.

Dana White on GSP vs. Anderson Silva

“Obviously it’s a fight that people have been talking about for a long time," said White. "So like Georges said, first of all, he has to get healthy.  Then he’s got to fight Condit.  Anderson is fighting Chae, and then we’ll see where we go from there."

“I know that Anderson couldn’t make 170, so it would depend on Georges moving up, or those guys meet at a catch-weight or something like that."

“I want to put on big fights.  I want to put on fights the fans want to see.  I know how big that fight is. Imagine if we did Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre anywhere in Canada, how big that fight would be.  Believe me, I’d love to do.  We’ll see what happens.”

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carmelo site profile image  

1/11/14 1:45 PM by carmelo

Are you a wizard?

I LOVE DIAZ  (no homo) site profile image  

1/11/14 1:33 PM by I LOVE DIAZ (no homo)

shit this speculation is what probably drove him from the sport

EatonBeever site profile image  

1/11/14 11:57 AM by EatonBeever

LOL @ Dana pretending he will make a dream fight for the fans.

FRAZTV site profile image  

3/24/12 1:33 AM by FRAZTV

If English is your first language and you are over the age of 9, then you should immediately ram your head into a wall as hard as possible. It probably won't help but it certainly won't hurt.

Silverball site profile image  

3/23/12 1:06 PM by Silverball

For as much shit as DFW talks about the Pac vs. Mayweather fight not happening, even though it's the fight the fans most want to see, how is it we're still speculating about GSP vs. Silva? The fans have been asking for this fight for almost three years now, and not only is Silva not getting any younger, but GSP's body is starting to breakdown. By the time this fight happens, it could become debatable as to whether we're really seeing either fighter at their absolute best.Seems like a missed opportunity.

Entreri site profile image  

3/23/12 11:40 AM by Entreri

Seeing as it is the bigger fighter vs. smaller guy, Silva already has the advantage coming in. Having home court would only increase it. If not in Canada, then on neutral ground.

Chris27 site profile image  

3/23/12 11:37 AM by Chris27

I think if SIlva beats Sonnen and GSP beats Condit they will really consider doing it.But why Canada? What about Brazil?they could do 60k in Canada but if they do 80k in Brazil for Silva/SOnnen you dont think they could do that for Silva/GSP?

Matrixkick site profile image  

3/23/12 11:01 AM by Matrixkick

IF this happens.. Silva has way more to lose then if he got smacked by jones. A passing of the torch so to speak. GSP will steal some of his mystic imo

Granpa site profile image  

3/23/12 10:32 AM by Granpa

I have zero interest in seeing GSP vs Silva. I'd rather see Bones Jones vs Silva.

Tankhead site profile image  

3/23/12 10:14 AM by Tankhead

I really don't care about this fight. Anderson should move up to fight, not down. GSP should consider finishing fights before stepping into the octagon with Anderson... His grinder style just won't work.