Dana White: Roy Nelson would be a force at 205, but struggles to make 250

source: mma30tv

"I don't know how that guy makes 205," said UFC President Dana White. "He has enough trouble getting down to 250.

"I would be shocked ... or maybe he just shaves and gets down to 205 ... I don't know how he's gonna do it.

"I'm done with it. I've encouraged him to shave his face and cut his hair, too, but he doesn't wanna to listen to that either, so ... whatever.

"I like him. He's a tough guy with a ton of heart. He goes in there and give it his everthing. My thing I've always said to him, I'd like to see you take this thing serious and try to rip off some weight. When you've got a chin like that, and a heart like that ... and he can really knock people out, too.

"If he really could get to 205, he'd be a force at 205. He'd be a scary dude. He's got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart, and has knockout power.

"I mean, who knows what Roy Nelson could really achieve if he applied himself ... You've got to want to do it. You've got to want to get in there and take it serious. Seriously diet, seriously train, and then you're going to have to cut some weight the day of the fight.

"As long as I've known Roy Nelson, as long as he's been in this business, he's been big. And it's not like when you get these guys that fight at 185 and they wrestled their entire high school and maybe college careers and they're used to cutting weight. They know what it takes.

"I don't think that's gonna be easy for a guy who's been big his whole life like he has."


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XFactah416 site profile image  

12/17/12 2:40 PM by XFactah416

Roy's beer belly helps him a lot in terms of positioning on the ground. Roy is deceptively fast and in decent shape for looking the way he does.

UGCTT_Sparro site profile image  

12/17/12 5:45 AM by UGCTT_Sparro

Roy should stay where he is, he can compete with any HW out there as he has pretty much proven. Dude definately has one of the best chins out there, along with hendo and Anderson I would say. Just let him keep doing his thing, I'll still watch.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

12/17/12 5:44 AM by MMALOGIC

He's doing just fine at HW....  why change to a division with guys who are faster? The only guys beating him are top 5 guys.

whadafykumeanitstaken site profile image  

12/17/12 4:48 AM by whadafykumeanitstaken

Roy is a force at heavyweight. End of story. He scares the shit iut of Dana since dana wants overeem looking monsters to be hw champs. Would ruin his fucking day if Roy necame champ. Roy is a top five hw.

BshMstr site profile image  

12/17/12 12:50 AM by BshMstr

good point.if several hours a day of MMA training doesn't burn off his gut, then why do dudes on the internet have the answer?

Farewell Brock site profile image  

12/17/12 12:46 AM by Farewell Brock

I don't know why you think Nelson could "EASILY" make 205. You understand for him to lose that kind of size he would have to overhaul his entire life style right? Then comes the problem of comitting to the changes.Think of it this way; If Roy had it in him to lose that weight, don't you think he would have done it by now simply to better his health?

BshMstr site profile image  

12/16/12 11:26 PM by BshMstr

i'm a firm believer that cutting weight can affect how you're able to take a punch. some guys don't cut much, and are able to eat punches that others aren't able to... Roy Nelson, BJ Penn, etc.Nelson's successful at HW, so i don't know why he'd wanna cut weight to a division where his entire style would have to change.

eggs and beef site profile image  

12/16/12 11:19 PM by eggs and beef

Roy nelson is similar to Fedor in that he is fighting at HW but could EASILY fight at LHW. It's up to him what he does, but I think this would be his best choice.He could definately cut to LHW and be a monster and in top shape. He has only been stopped once in his entire career 4 years ago when arlovski KO'd him and he is much improved and much faster than he used to be.His only other losses are by decisions, and usually because he was out of shape and fighting guys much bigger/physically stronger than him.Jones would not have a size advantage against country. He would have a reach/height advantage but I don't think that help him in stopping Nelson on the feet. Look at how many punches JDS hit him with and he still didn't go down. Jones may land a few shots but I could definately see a faster and more explosive LHW Nelson being able to KO Jones standing.Jones would also have trouble getting Nelson to the ground, and even if he did, a grappling master like Nelson should be able to deal with it and possibly submit him (look how close a natural MW Vitor Belfort came with that armbar).I just don't see Jones winning this fight.

GC111 site profile image  

12/16/12 11:18 PM by GC111

Dana White wants Roy Nelson to fail. He's just cajoling Nelson into fighting at 205 where he'd get raped by Jon Jones, Hendo, etc

kanodogg2 site profile image  

3/28/12 7:34 PM by kanodogg2

No hair on head and thick beard = dana slice