Disprespectful idiot fan turned away by Rashad Evans

source: paradysso

At a recent autograph signing, a "fan" earned his way into the MMA A------ Hall of Fame, by asking Rashad Evans to sign a poster that depicted the former Lighheavyweight champion unsconscious, after losing his title to Lyoto Machida.


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Liophy site profile image  

4/6/12 4:49 AM by Liophy

A bit related to the topic:As Cristiano Ronaldo signed autographs (for journalists?) at the Santiago Bernabeu after Real Madrid finished off APOEL to advance to the Champions League semifinals, one fan held out a monsterish caricature for him to sign. For someone as concerned with his physical appearance as Ronaldo is, this was quite the shock."This is me?!" Ronaldo asked when he spotted the picture. "My god. Very ugly," he concluded.But, being the pro that he is, Ronaldo still signed the frightening picture before going on his way. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/soccer-dirty-tackle/cristiano-ronaldo-put-off-ugly-caricature-himself-autographs-205642588.html#more-idI support Rashad stance though.

Damasta Shonuff site profile image  

4/4/12 12:20 PM by Damasta Shonuff

He deserves respect eh... like the respect he gave the then UFC champ Forrest Griffin when they were fighting and Rashad was tapping his nuts and slapping Forrest in the face? When Rashad WASNT the champ yet. Still more clueless people talking about respect when Rashad doesnt give it out, he only demands it. I notice everyone skirts the above topic. Everyone demanding that Rashad get respect conveniently forgets how he is disrespectful to other fighters.

Bill Pharoni site profile image  

4/3/12 9:29 PM by Bill Pharoni

The guy was a disrespectful asshole. Rashad did the right thing.

The Loge site profile image  

4/2/12 8:56 PM by The Loge

Yeah, they are all in this thread crying about some dumbass kid trying to be funny. Bottom line is what the kid did was disrespectful. The way Rashad acted was fine, but IMO it would have benefited him far more to take it in stride; then instead of the Underground's legion of white knights rushing in to defend his bruised ego and hurt feelings they would be flooding the forum with "Rashad's swagger is BACK!" threads. Regardless of anyone's opinions the facts are that Rashad did nothing wrong, and the kid pulled a douchey move. Some of you guys reactions are pretty fucking ridiculous.

The Loge site profile image  

4/2/12 8:41 PM by The Loge

Strong words coming from a pedophile....

ausgepicht site profile image  

4/2/12 8:38 PM by ausgepicht

What was it you were so eloquently saying about being emotionally mature?!? Ironically Rashad demonstrated emotional maturity by not flipping out. Which by the FACT that you can't even display an iota of it on a chat board, means you would have gone BANANAS in the same situation.  Pot, kettle....well you know the rest.   

Twenty47 site profile image  

4/2/12 8:35 PM by Twenty47

the weak faggots of the world are taking over. they can act way out of line with the "touch me and ill sue you" attitude.

deadlyonetwo3 site profile image  

4/2/12 8:29 PM by deadlyonetwo3

 I don't think Rashad owes it to ANYONE to sign any picture that makes him upset or uncomfortable no matter how many fans it might gain him to do that. If it was a pic of him getting knocked out and it bothers him, then why in the world should he "suck it up" so that a couple of the assholes around the world can sit there and say "hey he has a sense of humor"?  Rashad works hard to be one of the best fighters in the world. Getting knocked down and hurt at all is easy to laugh at when you're sitting here behind your computer not risking anything, and not the one being damaged.  For this kid to walk up to him laughing, having his friend video-tape their shithead antics and harrass Rashad like that, he's lucky he didn't get in trouble.  Rashad was perfectly within his right to call for next in line and could have easily engaged in that situation a lot more.   There are a lot of competitors on this board, and I don't know of any true competitor that would allow themselves to literally be made fun of to their FACE by ANYONE. Not if you are a true competitor... not if you are a fighter.

Bob Saget site profile image  

4/2/12 8:19 PM by Bob Saget

how bout you get KOd in front of thousands of people then have someone take a very unflattering pic of you when you were out cold and then sign autographs of them.Im pretty sure that shit bothered rashaf forawhile and to have a fan insult himlike that is pathetic.