Knabjian takes exception to Fickett win

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Why Fickett "won"

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Ok, so I am not one to complain about why I lost, and have always accepted the blame for the losses in my career. However, I should not have lost to Drew Fickett.

Long story short, I took an illegal kick to the temple while on the ground. I knew something was up when I didn't remember the moments between letting go of the kneebar to being in the guillotine. I remember every moment of the fight but that. I remember being in the guillotine and thinking "fuck how did this happen". People were telling me that I got kicked in the head but obviously I didn't remember.

You can see in the video that the heel lands solid to my temple and the crowd reacts to it. I stand up and am dazed as you can tell by my arms just kind of hanging there.

The ref should have halted the fight regardless of the kick being unintentional or not. Also, the ref actually acknowledged that he saw it. He told my corner who was complaining about the kick that "it was an accident". Either way it was an illegal strike and time should have been given.

Watch the video and see for yourself. Thank you.

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Kevin Knabjian site profile image  

4/7/12 7:26 PM by Kevin Knabjian

There was no reference to it unfortunately, but if you watch the video, Ron Kruck makes a noise kind of like "ohh damn.." when he sees the heel hit me in slow motion. However, he does not mention it.

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/5/12 6:51 PM by StretchPlum

"I tried to put myself in his shoes and thought that if I stopped the action in the midst of a big exchange and Kevin looked at me like "yo brah I'm fine get off me SON""If anyone said that to me I would DQ them immediately.

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/5/12 6:46 PM by StretchPlum

"Yea? Well I believe finding out the name and address of anonymous internet troll tough guys, going to their house, and punching them in the face repeatedly until they learn a valuable life lesson should be legal too, but isn't :-("New fan here. I also don't buy that Kevin tried a sweeping head strike to Drew's leg.

StretchPlum site profile image  

4/5/12 6:39 PM by StretchPlum

IIRC, one of the announcers made a vague reference to the illegal blow. The fact that we "know" Drew better, and want to see him right himself, has no bearing on the reality of what happened.

Jason Chambers site profile image  

4/5/12 4:26 PM by Jason Chambers

Kevin is good people.

Diesel67 site profile image  

4/5/12 4:14 PM by Diesel67

 No call, no foul.  No blood, no foul.  No harm, no foul.  It's a fight; expect the unexpected.  You're none the worse for wear, and you'll be back.    From your name, I'll hazard a guess that you're Armenian.  If you were fighting a Turk and you had the opportunity, wouldn't you crank a sub a wee bit more than you had to, or give him a bonus punch or two after knocking him out, for your grandma's grandma?

TOAO site profile image  

4/4/12 11:58 PM by TOAO

War fickett.

Kevin Knabjian site profile image  

4/4/12 4:25 PM by Kevin Knabjian

Fake Pie - If you watch the gif again, I think you will see that I am actually the one moving first. Also, like I said, I know its hard to be a ref. Who knows is right. Mix6Aplix - Download Randy Savage rapping. You won't be disappointed.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

4/4/12 4:18 PM by Mix6APlix

How did they get Randy Savage to commentate?

Kevin Knabjian site profile image  

4/4/12 4:16 PM by Kevin Knabjian

I never said Drew wasn't skilled or a good fighter. The thing is, every win and lose counts when you are a fighter. The way you win and lose counts when you are a fighter. The time in which you win and lose counts when you are a fighter. Your record and reputation are EVERYTHING when you are a fighter. This is my job and life. If I don't win, I am unsuccessful. I WANT to be successful. I don't like to lose fights to anyone and wanted to state my case as to why he won. I felt like I was winning that fight and was going to win that fight, but unfortunately the heel to my head hurt and stunned me long enough for him to get the choke.