Roger Gracie: 80% of BJJ is useless in MMA

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TapouT Radio: Are you happy that you got a boy?

Eddie Bravo: I thought we were going to have a girl, and we were preparing for that, but when we were looking at the ultrasounds with the doctor, you could see a d*ck, and the doctors saw a d*ck. I asked, 'Are you sure? You sure it wasn't like some part of the placenta?' [laughs] I'm so stoked to have a boy. It's awesome.

I would have liked to have had a girl, too. A girl would have been cool because there would have been no pressure on her. My son's going to have a lot of pressure when he starts doing jiu jitsu. He's only three weeks old, and I'm already trying to figure out the best way to approach the jiu jitsu thing without putting any pressure on him, but with a girl, there would have been zero pressure on her. Everything she would accomplish would be extra. It would have been gravy, you know what I mean?

It's going to be interesting, raising my boy in the jiu jitsu world. He could say, 'Dad, I don't want to f*ckin' do jiu jitsu! I don't wanna do it. I wanna paint, man!' He could easily do that, and it would be cool. Whatever he wants to do, it's all good.

I forget the guy's first name, he's a kettlebells master, but his last name is Maxwell (note: Steve Maxwell). He has a 20 year old son, and whatever he did with his son, is perfect. I want to sit down with him and break it all down and pick his brain. His son, Zach Maxwell, is a black belt in jiu jitsu, and he's pretty badass. He beat Kron (Gracie) last week, and it was pretty impressive. To beat Kron, you've got to be a physical specimen, and mentally, you've got to be a fierce, competitive warrior. People are saying he's the one American that has a legitimate shot at taking the Mundials this year.

It's getting me back into the gi, just hearing about this guy and watching him grapple. I don't usually have that much time to watch gi matches. I've got so much no-gi I've got to watch, I just don't have time, but I am starting to make the time to watch some gi matches with Zach Maxwell. I'm a big fan now. Anyway, my point was that I want to pick Maxwell's brain, and figure out what he did with his son, because he did a perfect job.

TR:  Are there any black belts that you think could successfully make the transition, based on their BJJ skills alone?

EB: Roger Gracie said it himself. He said 'Eighty percent of BJJ is useless in MMA.' When someone is trying to punch you, in MMA, you're forced to play a clinching style of jiu jitsu. If you don't understand the difference between a clinching style and an open style, this will sound like German to you. In MMA, when someone's trying to punch you, you clinch to avoid getting smashed. I believe, in order to optimize your jiu jitsu in MMA, the more you can clinch, and the more you can set up submissions from the clinch, and the more you can set up sweeps from the clinch, the more your game is about clinching the upper body, the better chance you'll have in MMA. That's my opinion.

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Calhoon site profile image  

4/16/12 1:30 PM by Calhoon

A gun is useless in mma too. When you hear that do you hear that a gun is useless in a fight?BJJ is as much a philosophy as it is a group of techniques. It is built upon defense and wearing your opponent out then submitting them, a strategy that could take some time if the opponent is any good.Time limits, short rounds, & judges change things in mma drastically when compared to the vale tudo fights that bjj was designed for. In today's mma you see bjj world champions who would rather stand up out of guard and fight from their feet than play guard and have the time run out. Hell Rickson might have lost to Zulu with mma rules but we all know what happened in their fight.

torquemada site profile image  

4/15/12 6:55 PM by torquemada

Late addition and please help me if I misunderstood; did the arguably most talented Gracie say 80% of BJJ is useless in MMA?Because when I hear that, all I hear is 80% of BJJ is useless in a fight. I'm a big believer in basic BJJ for self-defense, so I don't necessarily disagree. I just can't imagine a Gracie would ever say this out loud.I do agree eddie's half guard game is better for most players who aren't pretty damn flexible.

Jason Chambers site profile image  

4/5/12 4:29 PM by Jason Chambers

I agree with Eddie. I actually think Eddies half guard stuff is more practical than rubber guard (RG) for the average guy. Sweat is a hard factor to deal with in MMA and RG can be an issue for guys not perfectly trained in 10th P, but if you take some of Eddie 1/2 and some of Jeff Glovers. You got yourself some SICK options.Congrats on the kid Eduardo

FrankShamrocksBraces site profile image  

4/5/12 2:48 PM by FrankShamrocksBraces

He actually addressed this subject on Rogan's podcast a few weeks ago. He said he would introduce and explain MJ to his son/daughter when they are in their 20s. Anything can be harmful without moderation. Eat nothing but McDonalds everyday and you'll see the effects. Same goes for most things in this world.

MMA_Live_In_Gym site profile image  

4/5/12 2:05 PM by MMA_Live_In_Gym

100% of rubber guard jiu jitsu is useless in mma

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

4/5/12 11:25 AM by ALL DAY JAY

You could say the same thing about any of the "martial arts".

FatFrenchFry site profile image  

4/4/12 3:50 PM by FatFrenchFry

A lot has to do with the style of jiu jitsu taught. The Carlson crossface/smash style seems to be the most effective IMO

Xspur site profile image  

4/4/12 2:51 PM by Xspur

I suppose 80% could be relative to how much BJJ you know. To someone like a Gracie 80% is probably more BJJ than many will ever learn in their lifetime. For someone who has been taught some MMA BJJ in their MMA gym it's probably a much different ratio.

chew22 site profile image  

4/4/12 12:13 PM by chew22

80% of the 20% of jiujitsu you use in MMA is 90% mental. ;)