UFC's top five KO's of 2012, thus far

source: youtube.com


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grachuss site profile image  

4/5/12 8:51 PM by grachuss

Why do these videos get removed all the time?

BlueBerryMuffinTop site profile image  

4/5/12 6:15 PM by BlueBerryMuffinTop

The video is removed. Just remove the thread, or atleast take it off the front page

clattymine site profile image  

4/5/12 2:18 PM by clattymine

 Video removed.  Lame.

Fedors Jim Jams site profile image  

4/5/12 1:36 PM by Fedors Jim Jams

very truesometimes i do find my self laughing at rogan when he goes bonkers like that though. kinda like watching a friend or someone you know get overly excited... your happy that they're happy but you realize its kinda silly. its that kid in the candystore vibe... "omg there's sooo much candyyyy!! roooooar!!! candy!!"

Palmala Handerson site profile image  

4/5/12 1:20 PM by Palmala Handerson

He's got a true passion for the sport, got caught up in the moment. That's why he's the best commentator.

Willin site profile image  

4/5/12 1:20 PM by Willin

 This isn't golf - stfu, mouthbreather!

haterade site profile image  

4/5/12 1:04 PM by haterade

if i was a fox execand i watched that okami fight i'd be like hey joe - i had to mute your voice on that oneeven i thought it was too much

Glovegate site profile image  

4/5/12 12:41 PM by Glovegate

Already a thread about this.http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=1981744&forum=1&page=1&pc=5