Michael Chiesa advances; complete TUF Live, Episode 5 recap

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TEAM FABER'S MIKE CHIESA (7-0) VS. TEAM CRUZ's Jeremy Larsen (8-2)

Round 1 - Referee Steve Mazzagatti in charge. Stats reveal Chiesa has a six-and-a-half inch reach advantage. He stays outside early but dives in for a takedown at the first chance. Larsen defends early, but Chiesa brings it down with a second effort. Chiesa takes top position as Larsen scrambles underneath. Larsen makes it back to his feet and spins off the cage. Chiesa uses his height to score inside with knees to the jaw before they finally break away. Chiesa slips on the restart, but he's quickly back inside and working for a takedown. He wraps the body and lands a big slam, again getting top position. Larsen looks for options from his back, but Chiesa is smothering. Chiesa sets up a choke, and Larsen drops to a knee. Chiesa fires in an illegal knee. It costs him a point, which could be huge. Larsen looks to have recovered after a short break. The round ends shortly after, and with the deduction, MMAjunkie.com scores it even at 9-9.

Round 2 - Punches traded by both to open, but Chiesa again is quickly inside. Larsen defends well and stays upright. Larsen seems to have some momentum, and he breaks away and looks to trade. Chiesa continues to close the distance and look for a takedown. He finally gets it two minutes in. Larsen is right in front of his coaches, and the walk him through an escape to the feet. But Chiesa is relentless and gets the fight down again. He doesn't do much with the position, and Larsen finally escapes again. Both fighters look tired, but they swing away for a moment. Larsen is connecting better in the exchanges, but Chiesa has earned the takedown. Close fight going into final minute. Chiesa closes in a transitions to the back. He falls to the floor and pulls Larsne down. Chiesa immediately secures the back and looks for the choke. It doesn't com, but the final sequence may have won him the round and the fight. Larsen rises like he may have won, but MMAjunkie.com scores the final round for Chiesa, 10-9, giving him the fight 19-18. Judges agree.

Mike Chiesa def. Jermey Larsen via unanimous decision.

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fearless french site profile image  

4/8/12 1:46 AM by fearless french

I bet tickle thinks proctor is mostly a grappler coming from lauzon mma, but ive seen proctor fight multiple decision wars where he outboxed his opponents and didnt go for any subs or gnp at all. I say proctor surprises tickle with his hands then takes the w standing or by submission.

v12 site profile image  

4/7/12 6:16 PM by v12

I'm curious to see how Tickle will do.....This week had a few moments that made me chuckle- like when Dana said in a two round fight you CAN'T get a deduction or you WILL lose the fight, less than 5 minutes after announcing the winner was someone who got a deduction. Did anyone catch the exchange between Faber and Cruz before the pick? After Faber made fun of his shoes, did Cruz make a K-swiss comment? Sounded like he called him a turd but I couldn't hear the rest......

DanCrase site profile image  

4/7/12 1:54 PM by DanCrase

 Agreed.  If Sam and Mike have to fight at some point; then they each know things about each other, and it'll be an interesting match up.  That is TOTALLY different to selling a man up the river whom you've been friends with before the show and will be after. Full respect to Sam for telling Cruz to proverbially fuck off. Glad Mike got the win; may not have been the most exciting fight, but Mike was constantly working, coming forward and deserved the win.  That knee, though illegal, was inconsequential; it wasn't hard, it hit Larson in the top of the head and it clearly wasn't done in awareness, as Mike couldn't see his knee on the ground. Tickle needs to shut the fuck up.  I hope he gets smashed.

mongrel 911 site profile image  

4/7/12 12:29 PM by mongrel 911

Larsen stood in front of Chiesa the whole time, never angled off or worked his body shots. Chiesa controlled him for the win.I have been a fan since TUF 1 season. Forced myself to stick with through a couple of seasons just for the fights (lots of fast forwarding) here are my complaints.I know there is a formula for the show, the good guy, bad guy, bad luck guy etc but it's getting old with Tickle.I am tired of the religious tattoos and thanking God for the fight (win or lose).When a fighter does lose, is it in the script to say "I am sorry I let down insert ( mom dad wife baby) and to throw your mouth piece.I am super tired of the "warrior" bullshit. Fighting with a referee and rules does not make you a warrior. Fighting in a combat zone with actual bad guys sending lead your way could lead you into warrior status.On a end note, it was super awesome to see Mario Sperry on the after show coaching.

In Limbo site profile image  

4/7/12 11:35 AM by In Limbo

 i 'm picking him to win but after last night's fight, i realized how bad his striking is...Iaquinta and lawrence will give Chiesa fits...i still have faith in him though

bailey13 site profile image  

4/7/12 10:44 AM by bailey13

I agree with this.Larsen actually surprised me, thought he was going to get killed.

Jaybrone site profile image  

4/7/12 10:35 AM by Jaybrone

 I don't think to many were picking him to win. I did see a lot of support for him after the death of his father. And given the circumstances was glad to see him get the W tonight.

SikRick site profile image  

4/7/12 10:16 AM by SikRick

 Boring=going forward the whole time trying to finish.    It takes 2 to tango.  If Larsen couldve had any offense except for 2 landed punches in the whole fight than it wouldnt have been boring.  CHiesa went at him the whole time!

Bentleysuper8 site profile image  

4/7/12 1:53 AM by Bentleysuper8

I would have given it to Larsen because the other dude was so fucking boring. Loss by leg hump.

ds1970 site profile image  

4/7/12 12:01 AM by ds1970

This episode was meh.