Joe Rogan: Mark Hunt vs. JDS is awesome

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Every five years in Mixed Martial Arts something so motivates the entire UG that you could renamed this site the _____Ground. First one was probably the Prince of Leg Locks Ground. Kimbo Ground was huge.

Now it is the Mark Hunt Ground.

The UFC has a chance to make the Rocky story as real as it gets, and Joe Rogan in on board.

Mark Hunt VS Junior Dos Santos is an awesome idea

From: Joe Rogan
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There are some wise people on this board, and I support this movement.

Style wise that might be the most exciting match up. Either way, even if Hunt doesn't replace the reem I would still love to see this matchup down the road, especially considering how good Hunt looked against Kongo.

Has anyone started a twitter bomb campaign for this?

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Bisping = PHENOMenal gatekeeper site profile image  

3/7/13 1:59 PM by Bisping = PHENOMenal gatekeeper


Choken Necks site profile image  

3/7/13 1:21 PM by Choken Necks

Dana please make it happen!

Choken Necks site profile image  

3/7/13 1:20 PM by Choken Necks

In late

Mix6APlix site profile image  

3/7/13 1:20 PM by Mix6APlix


kingkoopa site profile image  

3/7/13 1:17 PM by kingkoopa

I been wanting to see this for a while. Didn't see it as a possibility till he's lost the belt

PJ Benn Fan site profile image  

3/7/13 1:09 PM by PJ Benn Fan

Would really like to see this fight!

hybridfc site profile image  

3/7/13 1:05 PM by hybridfc


BooZe site profile image  

3/7/13 12:28 PM by BooZe

Make it happen neoow!

Tree Hugger site profile image  

3/7/13 12:16 PM by Tree Hugger

I would love to see hunt vs JDS but I just want to see hunt keep fighting asap.

damnyouwoman14 site profile image  

3/7/13 11:53 AM by damnyouwoman14

What the fuck are we waiting for??