Mir: If Hunt is picked I would not be happy

source: mmamania.com

Frank Mir appeared last night on MMA Live about his potentially replacing Alistair Overeem vs Junior Dos Santos if the Dutchman is unsuccessful in convincing the Nevada State Athletic Commission that his drug test results were not in violation, at a hearing on April 24.

"As of right now, I'm still training for Cain. Obviously, I'm like everybody else. I see that, in the background, there's a possibility Overeem's not going to be able to make the fight on the 26th, and if that's the case, I wanna make sure I'm in a position where I can jump in."

"I feel that I have the most credentials, going into it. I think I have the longest winning streak of the heavyweights that were already posted on that card to fight. As far as what the rankings are, I feel I have the most credentials going in, and I'm motivated to do so".

"Obviously I'd feel a little slighted (if someone else were picked to fight dos Santos). But, both those guys (Hunt and Velasquez) are great fighters. I would never be mad at them for taking advantage of the situation. Would I be angry? Of course. I wouldn't wanna be at my house on the night that's announced. I would not be a happy individual. I would probably just stay away from my house for a couple of days."

"(Fighting JDS as opposed ot Velasquez) is a little bit of an adjustment, but I'd rather go in that direction than the other way. Just for the reason being the kind of conditioning it takes. Wrestling in the gym as much as I am with the kind of guys that are more wrestling-oriented, collegiate wrestlers, that conditioning is just extremely anaerobic and extraordinarily tough to train for. Anybody who trains realizes that anybody can spar three, four, five, six rounds, if it's just striking with no takedowns. But maybe if you start taking people down and fighting on the ground and we wrestle to get back up, that's when it's extremely fatiguing. so, going from a grappler to have to prepare for a striker, I feel it's easier than the other way around."

"I'm very much on the point of 'innocent, until proven guilty.' If he has a hearing and he comes in and speaks, I wanna hear what he has to say and what's going on. All six of us were tested on that day, that were on that stage, and he had some complications with his test, obviously. Give the man a chance to speak about it."

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BDW_1983 site profile image  

4/14/12 7:03 PM by BDW_1983

I would guarantee you your wrong. Hunt 2012

RandyDarsh site profile image  

4/14/12 6:43 PM by RandyDarsh

I'm pretty sure it's the opposite give me an example please?Besides tim Sylvia because his case is insanely in realistic at this point and in pretty sure he made a few fake twitter accounts to do all his twitter bombing himself.

StrikeforceSupporter site profile image  

4/14/12 6:15 PM by StrikeforceSupporter

I would much rather see Dan Henderson vs JDS IF Overeem gets pulled. Hunt would probably KO JDS and that would just make the UFC look bad.

cq_Beven site profile image  

4/14/12 6:10 PM by cq_Beven

Ok well let's just settle withMir deserves it.Hunt would be a more exciting fight.Oh and Mir is fighting Cain, forgot about that...

Death Beast site profile image  

4/14/12 5:19 PM by Death Beast

When someone deserves it there's usually less begging by them and their supporters.

cq_Beven site profile image  

4/14/12 5:04 PM by cq_Beven

"it'll be an exciting stand up fight"Yep u said it

cq_Beven site profile image  

4/14/12 5:02 PM by cq_Beven

LOL the twitter campaign is not an argument in any way.It's a result of more people getting off their arse to push for hunt - obviously MIr doesn't have the same appeal.

Death Beast site profile image  

4/14/12 4:55 PM by Death Beast

Not as weak as a twitter campaign argument.Mir wins the argument based on his overall record, quality of wins, recent wins, overall skill set, finishing rate, cardio (yeah his sucks but Hunt's is worse), and general history with the company as well.Hunt only has the same arguments as any top level boxer or kickboxer "It'll be an exciting standup fight" and "He has a puncher's chance".

cq_Beven site profile image  

4/14/12 4:45 PM by cq_Beven

The PPV argument is week. Mir is already on the card so how many MORE buys is he going to get cause its now for the title? 1/10 of fk allWhether AO fights is the only thing that will change PPV numbers significantly

RandyDarsh site profile image  

4/14/12 3:12 PM by RandyDarsh

You are not the smartest are you? Read it again, slower this time.