Dana White: You want me to drug test 375 f@$#!* fighters worldwide??!?

by John Morgan | source: mmajunkie.com

At Saturday's post-UFC on FUEL TV 2 press conference in Stockholm, UFC president Dana White addressed calls that the organization should institute worldwide surprise drug testing of the 375 athletes on it's roster.

In short, he doesn't think the idea is very f------ feasible.

"We don't do random testing," White said. "First of all, all the guys who come into the UFC, now we changed the policy. You sign a deal with us, you get tested. You go into 'The Ultimate Fighter,' you get tested. We test. We don't even have to f------ test. That's not what we do. That's what the athletic commission does.

"Then the athletic commission now is doing random tests before, leading up to the fight, after the fight. They're being tested like crazy. The f------ testing in this sport is insane. It is literally the gold standard in all of sports."

"I have 375 fighters in every country all over the world. The battle that I have to get these guys to get their f------ bout agreements back and show up for press is f------ unbelievable. The fact that I have to make personal phone calls to tell guys to talk to the f------- press, now I'm going to start making personal phone calls to go show up for random drug tests?

"The general public and the media need to grasp some f------- concept of reality. The reality of us doing all the f------ things that we're doing when we already have the gold standard in drug testing, and then f------ try to chase 375 guys all over the world to randomly test them, too? It's impossible. You look at all the other organizations, … you look at all the other companies that have tried to do what we do, nobody can f------- do it. You know why? Because this job is insane."

"It's f------ crazy. I was standing in Las Vegas 10 hours ago filming a f------ TV show. Now I'm sitting here, and I'm going to randomly drug test 375 guys around the world? You know where I'm going in a few hours? To f------ Abu Dhabi. Then I go back and film 'The Ultimate Fighter.' Then I go back to Atlanta, Miami, and I'm in f------ Rio de Janeiro for three hours, then back to Las Vegas, where I'll film 'The Ultimate Fighter' again. And in between there somewhere, I'm going to randomly drug test 375 fighters?"

"We have a ton of staff, and the answer isn't throwing more bodies at this thing. When all this s--- happens, I have to make personal phone calls. Me. I have a full PR team, right? Good people – people from all over the world that have great f------ resumes and everything else. I have to make personal phone calls and say, 'Dude, why are you not showing up for this f------ thing you're supposed to do? Did you say no, you wouldn't do this?' I'm still making personal phone calls like that.

"It's an easy, random, general fun thing to throw around and say, 'Hey, I don't think the UFC is doing enough. I think they should do this and randomly drug test their 375 fighters.' We're already f------ doing it when they sign their contracts. It's being done before they come on 'The Ultimate Fighter.' It's being done by the athletic commission before, during and after fights. It's just, you guys are being f------ ridiculous."

"Seriously, and I know that this is a crazy-hot topic right now, but literally in all of sports, we have the gold standard in testing policies and everything else the way these guys are tested.

"These guys are getting tested all the time. You know why we're sitting here talking about this? Because these guys are being f------- tested."

"When people start saying, 'This is starting to affect the credibility,' it does not affect the credibility of the UFC. We are 100 percent more on top of drug testing than any other f------- sport on earth, other than the Olympics."

"I don't want to talk about (Overeem). I'm too upset about it. Seriously, I can't talk about it.

"I will snap and freak out, and I don't want to do that. I can't talk about it."

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Haulport site profile image  

4/17/12 11:09 AM by Haulport

Lol...........Ben Askren called Dana a liar on Twitter over this subject and Dana said Ben was boring.

Stan Dan Wang site profile image  

4/17/12 12:53 AM by Stan Dan Wang

D'anus is fucking stupid.

fightharder site profile image  

4/16/12 9:48 PM by fightharder

I personally rather like that they do not test more. If people want to believe that a considerable part of the fighters on the roster of the UFC are not on PED then that is fine with me but i personally do not believe that at all.Then again i also do think that a lot of the NFL players are using.Personally i do not have a big problem with it other then the ''fairness'' factor that come into play when they are fighting someone who obviously does not use......But is it fair to let a guy with natural preposterously high testosterone levels compete agains someone who has (naturally) depleted/lower levels. The whole argument about nature and god giving abilities is nice but it has nothing to do with fairness either.Anyways as for Dana comments,i do think it is partly true what he said.There are a lot of complications. But it is obvious the policy is failing and the UFC should do more. I do think they should try to follow the policies of the other American leagues (tweaking those to their unique circumstances). It is obvious their needs to be more random testing. And the frequency has to go up as well.The main reason is that it is better for business,especially in the long run. I personally do not care (as mentioned before) but a lot of people seem to do and as long as this is such and inflammatory issue the need to make a change.I personally rather see them deal with the problem of judging though. Much hiring on my agenda.

Il Duce site profile image  

4/16/12 4:41 PM by Il Duce


ArthurKnoqOut site profile image  

4/16/12 3:35 PM by ArthurKnoqOut

 I don't want Dana doing 90% of things he does...I'll do it for free :D

dabigchet site profile image  

4/16/12 3:01 PM by dabigchet

agree this is more thorough.

ahey138 site profile image  

4/16/12 2:47 PM by ahey138

IMO: I believe the UFC and all other organizations should Use the same standard of testing that the Olympics use. I dont believe its fair that one fighter will get away with using PED's by claiming TRT.

jbapk site profile image  

4/16/12 2:34 PM by jbapk

"oh, should i?"Yes, you should.The WADA isn't just a group that performs the tests, they also set compliance standards for testing, medical exemptions, etc. The UFC would merely adopt the standards of the WADA (as many sports already have) rather then coming up with their own. No, the UFC wouldn't need to come up with their own policy they would only need to adopt the WADA's.So yes I suggest you actually read up on other sports testing regimes, since you clearly are unaware of them yet are pontificating anyways.

vincan469 site profile image  

4/16/12 2:33 PM by vincan469

UFC is giving lip service to anti-doping just for getting the athletic commissions blessing for events. They really don’t seem to care one way or the other if a fighter is taking something.The moaning and bitching of the difficulties trying to implement a policy from scratch is bullshit. I found with one search the first site had downloadable resources such as protocols, rules, guidelines, and forms although they were in an obscure pdf format. Chasing people down in multiple countries is too hard. It might be time to put on your big boy pants and say no test no fight. In fact do a test on awarding of the fight with the understanding that more are in the future. If you are spending millions in promoting an event protect your investment. Unless they are training somewhere in the backwaters of the Amazon or up in the Himalayas they can get to an accredited lab in timely matter.

goku site profile image  

4/16/12 1:39 PM by goku

 NFL conducts over 10,000 tests a year and they are random..players can be tested 20+ times during the season..thats more than the ufc tests