Jones: Training w/ Evans' old coaches 'almost unfair'

by Ben Fowlkes | source:

"There were people at Greg Jackson’s gym that he never even said hi to," Jones said of Evans. He may mourn the loss of the original team now -- what Evans refers to as the "Jackson Five" -- but when he was there he was only interested in hanging out with "the elites," according to Jones.

"He’s never gone to a team dinner," said Jones. "He never went out and said, ‘Hey, let me buy these other guys a drink because I can afford it.’ It was not like that. He just had [Donald] ‘Cowboy’ [Cerrone], and basically the guys who had money in the bank and could hang with him, dress with him, and look good standing next to him at the club. That’s not a team member."

"I have the coaches that taught him how to fight," said Jones. "They taught him the guard passes he uses, the ground-and-pound system that he uses, the punches that he used to throw and the combinations. I mean, it almost seems not fair sometimes."

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Tad Ghostal site profile image  

4/17/12 7:37 PM by Tad Ghostal

Still laughing at 'right in the winklejohn'. I will now say that every time there's a nut shot and Rogan winces over the replay.

Capslock17ny site profile image  

4/17/12 6:51 PM by Capslock17ny

I'm a fan of both Jones and Rashad. I personally feel that Jackson has the right to coach him. I liked his original stance where he wouldn't do it, but Rashad has talked SO MUCH shit since the split, I'd probably coach Jones if I was in Greg's position. That's just honesty.I think people often forget that Rashad left the team on his own. He left because he felt slighted by Jones, but he LEFT. That interview could've, and probably should've been talked out between Jones and Evans, instead of Evans kinda freaking out and jumping ship. I feel for Rashad, but it was still his choice to leave a situation which probably could've been ironed out with one calm sit down with everyone.

UGCTT_Gaspare site profile image  

4/17/12 5:34 PM by UGCTT_Gaspare

Greg Jackson made Hashad a wall N stall monsterThey have NO idea whats coming to them!

ALL DAY JAY site profile image  

4/17/12 5:32 PM by ALL DAY JAY

How is Greg a weasel? Rashad left team Jackson. What are the coaches supposed to do?

k1levelstriking site profile image  

4/17/12 5:29 PM by k1levelstriking

If jones was quiet and let his fighting do all the talking, he'd be one of the most popular fighters ever

ABE FROMAN site profile image  

4/17/12 5:20 PM by ABE FROMAN

"one thing all my fans know is that I’m not just a good fighter, I’m also a smart fighter." Thanks Jon, we needed reminding.

HELWIG site profile image  

4/17/12 5:15 PM by HELWIG

What if Rashad starts the fight off and kicks Jones right in the winklejohn?Just to show he's not playing around and sportsmanship is out the window?

Rickson's Aura site profile image  

4/17/12 4:57 PM by Rickson's Aura

If only this were pro wrestling....Jackson and Rashad would become epic heels ....or heels that get cheered like faces.

Rickson's Aura site profile image  

4/17/12 4:57 PM by Rickson's Aura

If rashad were to win he better not let Greg Jackson and Winklejohn hear the end of it.

RandyDarsh site profile image  

4/17/12 4:56 PM by RandyDarsh