Danzig tweets damage from heel hook

source: twitter.com

"This is what my ankle looks like today... Luckily, I'm walking on it fine... Use the other leg muscles to support it."

Danzig Ankle

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Silhouette site profile image  

4/24/12 11:31 PM by Silhouette


outtap site profile image  

4/24/12 12:07 PM by outtap

Always a treat to watch Danzig fight!

mikehotel site profile image  

4/24/12 11:55 AM by mikehotel

He's lucky that his ankle popped not his ACL.

jasonhightower site profile image  

4/24/12 11:10 AM by jasonhightower


Mix6APlix site profile image  

4/24/12 10:19 AM by Mix6APlix


Silhouette site profile image  

4/24/12 9:13 AM by Silhouette

at that level its the little things but its also those guys being just that a bit better than him on the ground, not so much refinement, as danzig has been doing BJJ as long as efrains been fighting

dangerboy12 site profile image  

4/24/12 9:04 AM by dangerboy12

Nah I'm just trying to give some info.Ankle sprains, which is what that is, are extremely painful when they happen, then the pain kind of subsides from adrenalin and keeping it moving immediately afterward. Guys in most sports finish the competition after an ankle sprain. However, there is a good chance he can't even walk now, and won't be able to do anything physical for several weeks. Once the ankle starts to tighten up, it's range of motion goes to nearly zero, and it hurts like hell when you try to move it.

KwikTempah site profile image  

4/24/12 8:49 AM by KwikTempah

everybody stand back , badass coming through !!

goku site profile image  

4/24/12 8:44 AM by goku

That would he quicker if he eats a nice juicy steak

japetto site profile image  

4/24/12 8:43 AM by japetto

Or he lacks technique refinement.  In both submission situations, his opponents eventually escaped.