Baroni: Let fighters take steroids


Do you (like me) not care about the steroid issue and simply want to see the best fighters compete, or is it getting silly at this point and fighters should clean up?

I want to see the best fighters, I want to see who is the strongest the best!

Guys should be able to do what ever it takes to be the strongest. Getting choked and kicked in the head is really bad for you, worse that pot , trt, or steroids. I don’t care who’s the cleanest, I wana’ see the strongest, the fastest and the most gnarly fighters.

I don’t want to see who is the best at passing drug test. Overeem isn’t the only guy taking shit, he just got caught. I wanna’ see the baddest mother fuckers going at it. That’s why pride was the best I wanna see a 205 (ripped) Wanderlei Silva kill dudes!

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whoabro site profile image  

5/1/12 8:22 PM by whoabro

Looks he has some serious test bloat there... Someone get this guy some masteron!!

lookoutawhale site profile image  

5/1/12 8:02 PM by lookoutawhale

 fighters may start dying if they get hit with unnatural power. plus when will it end. One guy will try and juice more than the next guy to get an edge and then they will both die of heart attacks in their hotel rooms like WWE wrestlers giving the promoter and mma a bad name. Baroni got caught doing roids and as roid user he probably and doesnt care about cheating.

Dave LaClerc site profile image  

5/1/12 8:00 PM by Dave LaClerc

Very true but worth arguing over.

Dave LaClerc site profile image  

5/1/12 7:58 PM by Dave LaClerc

I totally agree!!

lionsoul site profile image  

5/1/12 7:53 PM by lionsoul

They already do...  

kalki site profile image  

5/1/12 7:38 PM by kalki

get all fighters on scripts for trt and cannabis and stop bitch'n..........stallone still looks great and old hippies don't get lung cancer,so what's the problem????

subgrappler83 site profile image  

5/1/12 2:04 PM by subgrappler83

I have not herd that about deca but i will look into. I am well aware of how test is altered by changing ratios. But in effect its no longer test.  I have no problem with people who smoke cannabis as means for pain relief. I suffered a cervical fracture of my c7 and had a spinal fusion perfomed. I refused pain pills for the simple fact i have had many friends become accidentlly addicted. After my surgery i choose to use a medicinal strain of cannabis and can not complain. Its great at reliving pain and it does not rot my insides or fuck up my liver enyzemes. But your right many things grow from the ground that are posiion, but cannabis is not one of them.   

DeWebb site profile image  

4/29/12 8:08 AM by DeWebb

Sorry I thought taking steroids over a prolonged period caused health problems that could kill you and they also mess with your hormones which could cause depression amongst others. I'm glad such an intelligent person as yourself has the knowledge I don't, thanks for your input.

Big Nash site profile image  

4/27/12 7:46 PM by Big Nash

I can't agree more. when someone isn't even licenced and get suspended is bs. These guys get there asses kicked and then some fight every 3 months let them take what ever they want t recover.14/1 on fight night is dangerous though.I say just test them fight night and every other day is fair game.