Video of Alistair Overeem visiting testosterone Doctor


Alistair Overeem has to wait nine months before he fights because a Dr. Molina in Texas injected him with an anti inflammatory that contained testosterone. The doctor claimed during a hearing convened y the Nevada State Athletic Commission that the testosterone had no anabolic effect, and further, that testosterone was not tested for in Texas. Overeem said emphatically that the Doctor did not tell him the shots contained testosterone; the Dr. Molina replied ambiguously.

Below is a video of Overeem visiting the clinic, accompanied by pioneering MMA fighter Tra Telligman, who suggested Overeem visit the clinic.

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MrMead site profile image  

4/30/12 1:44 PM by MrMead

Um isnt this the same Dr who is in trouble for doing crappy plastic surgery and having patients almost die? There was a story about him on the OG a week or so ago about Dr Molina doing bogus plastic surgeries.

ScottLean site profile image  

4/30/12 12:12 PM by ScottLean

Works for me:

buhjayjay site profile image  

4/26/12 8:43 PM by buhjayjay


CaptChaos site profile image  

4/26/12 7:30 PM by CaptChaos

Remember that drug test was a SURPRISE drug test! If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck. It's usually a DUCK!

CaptChaos site profile image  

4/26/12 7:28 PM by CaptChaos

Some of you are really insulting Reem's intelligence by thinking he's an innocent guy here. Do you really think he is that dumb? This is so fishy and silly. If I was going to take something, knowing FULL WELL there are a lot of things I cannot take, that would cost me well over a million dollars if I screw up, I would tell the doctor "Look I am a fighter. There is a list of banned substances. I do not want to take anything that is on the list. I will get drug tested. Here is the list." I would have the list on me in my pocket. If the doctor seemed shady I would get a 2nd opinion. The bottle has TESTOSTERONE written on it. He is also supposed to check with the Commission BEFORE taking anything that even might pop up in a drug test. He may or may have not taken that particular drug. My hunch is that bottle of antiinflammatory is the poser bottle. He probably took something else along with that or something else totally different. It's like lemme see your phone. Have you been cheating on me? She's not even looking at the right phone. There's a bat phone! LOLThe Commission let him off cause they have no street smarts!

Kveletak site profile image  

4/26/12 6:44 PM by Kveletak

Video don't seem to work, another source anywhere?

BadrMilk site profile image  

4/26/12 6:11 PM by BadrMilk

Ha, well you guys are probably right.DS, thanks for posting those vids, quite interesting. BTW did Kizer say "got his ass back there as soon as he could" in the first vid at 2:55, referring to Overeem? Kinda rude, isn't it?

Vancouver BJJ site profile image  

4/26/12 5:59 PM by Vancouver BJJ

Molina has Chinese connections, therefore, reems source of white wine metabolites.

octowussy site profile image  

4/26/12 5:08 PM by octowussy

Okay, I see.The whole situation seems pretty obvious to me, and I'm not even any sort of conspiracy weirdo. Pretty much any family doctor in the country can administer a cortisone shot. That's the first red flag for me. And if you were to poke around on Dr. Molina's website for any amount of time (or Google him, for that matter, which I do before I see any doctor), it seems rather obvious that he's fishy. This guy isn't like the top doctor for anything whatsoever... it's not like his back is fucked up, so he hunted down Stu McGill or something. Rather, Tra knows a shady doc and recommended him to Overeem, knowing full well what Overeem was looking for.

Joe Sons nuts site profile image  

4/26/12 4:56 PM by Joe Sons nuts