Complete UFC on FOX 3 results


Main Bouts (Broadcast on FOX, 8:00 PM ET)

-Nate Diaz defeated Jim Miller by Submission (Guillotine Choke, Round 2, 4:09)
-Johny Hendricks defeated Josh Koscheck by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
-Alan Belcher defeated Rousimar Palhares by TKO (Punches, Round 1, 4:18)
-Lavar Johnson defeated Pat Barry by TKO (Strikes, Round 1, 4:38)

Preliminary Bouts (Broadcast on Fuel TV, 5:00 PM ET)

-Michael Johnson defeated Tony Ferguson via Unanimous Decision
-John Dodson defeated Tim Elliot via Unanimous Decision
-John Hathaway defeated Pascal Krauss via Unanimous Decision
-Louis Gaudinot defeated John Lineker via Submission (Guillotine, Round 2, 4:54)
-Danny Castillo defeated John Cholish via Unanimous Decision
-Dennis Bermudez defeated Pablo Garza via Unanimous Decision

Preliminary Bouts (Not scheduled to broadcast, 4:00 PM ET)

-Roland Delorme defeated Nick Denis via Submission (Rear-naked Choke, Round 1, 4:59)
-Karlos Vemola defeated Mike Massenzio via Submission (Rear-naked Choke, Round 2, 1:07)


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SOO72 site profile image  

5/6/12 7:28 PM by SOO72

Dodsun decision was bullshit. He lost that fight it wasnt even close. Fuck Dodsun,, acting like he won when he ran away and eye poked and ball slapped for his only damage of the fight. The guy he fought was robbed and needs another ufc fight to make up for that bullshit. Judges seem to only go with who they know.

Megatherium site profile image  

5/6/12 7:15 PM by Megatherium

Heading to the store, gonna finally try some of those Corn Nuts.

The Masked Superstar site profile image  

5/6/12 10:55 AM by The Masked Superstar


Client 9 site profile image  

5/6/12 7:49 AM by Client 9

Jeebus what a FRAT

Hate420 site profile image  

5/6/12 5:16 AM by Hate420


tmoney23 site profile image  

5/6/12 5:03 AM by tmoney23

Agreed!LOL @ MY SUMMARY.. I tried. :( If nobody wants to read my first novel post on the UG after trolling it for 5 years then here's my summary: Nate had the right to taunt Miller imo, he earned it, and expected more out of him. Though he put a clinic on ANOTHER opponent that WE ALL thought would have a good chance of beating Diaz including fighters like: Cowboy, Guillard, Neer, Pellegrino, Gamburyan(Former WEC champion?) I sometimes forget with these TUF fighters that they also won 5+ fights during their TUF careers that don't even show up on their win/losses.. Which can be HALF of their MMA career's when they get out of TUF. I'm very happy that AFTER the fight he showed great respect, which inturn makes me like the fighter even more! BUT CAN HE CONTINUE TO STAY AT LIGHTWEIGHT? Also, what does everyone think of if a ref was put in the same position again, and the opponent was defending the submission for a lot longer, causing an injury he couldn't avoid.. and not being able to intelligently defend himself? Should he stop the fight next time before the fighter faces serious injuries?Nate earned the right to taunt Miller, after the 1st round Miller had nothing! Diaz tore him apart, on the feet, in the clinch, against the cage, on the ground, etc! I'm really enjoy and respect the Diaz's "Mind games" and how they try to act like such badasses before and during the fights. If I remember correct Nick does it because he doesn't enjoy fighting, and he has to create HATE for his opponent so he'll want to fight? Then show complete humility, and respect for everyone... which I greatly appreciate, and makes me like those type of fighters even more! For someone to disrespect a fighter that has put YEARS/Decades into the 'fight game' really turns me into that fighter hater.. Tho most fighters I like, unless they cheat, complain, etc. (starting to dislike rampage) Especially when martial arts are taught with the upmost respect to one-another, self-discipline, and to never fight until there is no other choice.. (LOL @MMA Fighting) He was literally walking him down, and working Miller... Which I didn't think Diaz would have done so easily?! Miller has NEVER been finished until last night, and against the BEST of the UFC.. The clinic Benson put on Miller was even worse IMO? The ONLY thing Miller could do towards the end to punch Nate was to leap/run forward with a straight left.. He SHOULD HAVE stuck to the leg kicks, he only used that in the first round mainly. Miller had NOTHING for Nate after the 1st round. The body shots paid huge dividends in this fight! Most of the times you don't see someone throw that many strikes to the body, and ever have any results of that significance in MMA at least!!! (Because they don't throw enough body shots and stick to it.) OBVIOUSLY Nate Diaz has power in his hands, and I can see him knocking people out in the future in the 155lbs weight class IF he can continue to cut the weight? He doesn't need to build anymore muscle! He looked really bad at the weigh-ins.Besides that incredible SUB. Any word on if Miller needed stitches? I have a hard time believing Nate's force didn't chop the thing off! LMFAO!!!! (Does anyone think that the Ref should have stopped it just on the basis that the fighter was in danger and couldn't possibly avoid a very bad injury if it continued for much longer? Of course, at that situation he probably assumed just like the rest of us that he was goin to possibly tap..? What about in the future when someone is fighting off a sub like that but is in the same position... someone else forcing their opponent to bite his tongue in half? Though none of us have ever seen that, and could be a fluke.. I see it possibly happening again if someone loses their mouthpiece again.)I assume everyone could tell how gassed miller was in the 3rd, because the punishment he took to his core... which I really enjoyed seeing Nate Diaz pick apart another fighter... Which I can see him doing to Benson Henderson IF he can stay on his feet! Rogan said it was Miller's first 5round fight? Hasn't he always has had great stamina? The guy is a grinder, he usually NEVER gasses.. I thought he wouldn't have much trouble with a 5 rounder?! I wonder if the body shots had really that much effect on Miller? I also remember him saying how Nate was hurting him a lot. Anyways, I LOVE the new format with the Main events being 5 rounders... there is going to be FAR less decisions, which will also improve the card's that have NON-Title fights.Can't wait for the next card, UFC was gone too long this time.. LOL! Us MMA junkies need it weekly. :)

MMAfan55 site profile image  

5/6/12 4:23 AM by MMAfan55

DamnGot em

Thacommish site profile image  

5/6/12 3:28 AM by Thacommish

THIS,i even heard the crowd boo josh koscheck after beating paul daley for some weird reason you just never know with these sort of things

Il Duce site profile image  

5/6/12 3:21 AM by Il Duce

Been at a couple events where the crowd is booing heavily at an odd moment. If you watch Poirier v Garza the crowd boos seemingly without provocation. Michael Bisping was actually walking down a staircase being hurled at with boos and curses. They booed heroicly at Lesnar as well. Might be some shit going on in the stands.

dermotfix site profile image  

5/6/12 2:39 AM by dermotfix

In recognition of Belcher's performance tonight (before he got on the mic)