Yves Edwards tweets on terrorists, today's rap, satan, hookers n coke

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In the UFC, twitter can bring you money and renown. And it can get you fired.

Miguel Torres crossed a yet to be well-defined line, and Tim Kennedy appears determined to find the line, in the manner of finding mines by walking through a minefield.

Yves Edwards just twittered about hookers and cocaine, and a lot else, on his remarkably prolific twitter account, an April sampling of which appears below.

All of Edwards' tweets are in good humor, and should not be subject to any sanction.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
#Uglynames Donquavious, LaQuesha, Shanesha, & anything else that will prevent your kids from working anywhere other than in fast food.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
Serious ? for peeps who don't smoke weed but demand that it stays illegal. Please tell me why? Just curious as to your argument.

Robert Black ‏ @agreedrobert619
What's your take on Overeem failing his drug test?

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
he probably took drugs.

joe mosqueda ‏ @joedaddy85
did u ever think twitter could get a fighter fired?.do u think twice before sending a tweet?

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
you sound offended. Relax I think like 4 times.

Joe mosqueda ‏ @joedaddy85
na hell no bro..off subject..was talkin about king mo..just wanted a fighters opinion that's all

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
my bad. In that case, yes ever since @MiguelTorresMMA got fired over a tweet. Mo should've just said how he felt not what he felt

joe mosqueda ‏ @joedaddy85
@thugjitsumaster @mauroranallo @NateRockQuarry @bensaundersMMA happy easter to u and your families

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
Thanks but I don't celebrate Easter; because I don't celebrate zombies. #scary.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
Why is @TigerWoods the only guy on twitter that doesn't follow a porn star? #ShitThatDon'tMakeSense

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
No BS. When I check out at a store and they say "have a nice day" I look them in the eye and reply "don't tell me what to do" & leave.

Tillman 40 ‏ @Tillman_40
I recommend u visit a childrens hospital and talk to kids with cancer...may change your outlook on people..Oss

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I do it as a joke. Relax dummy.

Adam Schindler ‏ @Schindiggity
Got a new Iphone today... chose the black one, cuz everyone knows they're faster :)

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
a wise man once said "Always bet on black."

Dov Davidoff ‏ @dovdavidoff
somebody tweeted something from my accnt yesterday that wasn't me. My apologies. They'll be dealt with.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
you should kick them In their f------ face!!! Hard.

Ryan B Quinn ‏ @ATTRyanQuinn
How do I study and get ranked in Thugjitsu. You must teach me.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
you just gotta smack a bitch. ;)

The Devil ‏ @Official__Satan
@thugjitsumaster is following and he is a cage fighter Which is like being locked in the prison showers, only without the soap and bum fun

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I've got to get into your good graces. I've been told that we'll be spending a lot of time together.

GetYoLife ‏ @GetYoLifeBoo
<Hell is real

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I hope so. That other place sounds like s---; plus most of my good friends will be there.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
"I accept this award for my song 'F--- Bitches, Kill Niggas, Get Money' & I want to thank God for blessing me."-Every Rapper Everywhere.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I seriously need a decoder ring for rap now. "That white frost on that pound cake so your Duncan Hines is irrelevant." WTFF does that mean?

Chris McDevitt ‏ @chrismcdevitt
White frost = cocaine, poundcake = ass, cake = money, Duncan Hines purveyor of fine baked goods. Pusha T out his mind..

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
dawg you white. Quit making shit up!!! :)

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I'm really bad at 3 things. Singing, and counting.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I'm writing a book. It's pretty much going to be the shortest book ever. It's titled "Things That Are Better Than Boobs" it has 3 chapters.

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
Chapter 1: "Bigger Boobs" Chapter 2: "Nice Butts" Chapter 3: "A Clean VaJayJay*" (using vajayjay because I want a female audience also)

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
If terrorist hate us because of our freedoms; are they starting to like us more now that we don't have many left? #ThugjitsuThoughts

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
When my son was 4 I played "Baby got Back" for him in the car. He then asked me, "Daddy, you like big butts in the candle light"?

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I sent this hooker out to get us some coke 3 hours ago. She said she'd take 20 mins. You think she's coming back? #Hookers&Cocaine :(

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
Please disregard that last tweet. I've never done one of those things. ;)

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
And by "one of" I mean "neither one of". I'm just bored. :)

Tyler Rook ‏ @tyty317
u better hope uncle Dana don't see it!!! #hookers&coke

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I doubt @danawhite is going to be offended by it. He doesn't have mangina.

Dan Brown The Author ‏ @DBrown166
Your strippers and concain tweet had me laughing my ass off. makes me wanna watch the hangover now! #wolfpack

Yves Edwards ‏ @thugjitsumaster
I'm glad you found it funny. Apparently I'm in violation of the Internet with it. Which is like being in trouble with Santa.

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BshMstr site profile image  

5/4/12 4:18 PM by BshMstr

holy crap that is some funny stuff....made me a fan of Yves. that and the whole fighting thing...

explodin site profile image  

5/4/12 4:03 AM by explodin

if you google edwards vs hominick the fight video is listed on the first page. enjoy the triangle.

TheyCallMeNaasty site profile image  

5/3/12 11:53 PM by TheyCallMeNaasty


explodin site profile image  

5/3/12 11:49 PM by explodin

Secondly people didn't make a fortune only one of the bettors bet enough to get a CTR which is the form someone has to fill out when they cash over $10,000 that is reported or the IRS.. And I know you said casinos have more cameras than CNN but trust me, I have worked in them for over a decade, we arent rocket scientists there are reasons we are working in a casino. When I started I was so nervous about making mistakes an every little thing I did I was petrified someone was watching but it is so rare the people catching anything.. I know casinos over publicize when they catch a cheater so that it discourages others from trying but most of the people working at the casino are people that ended up there because it is the best job any of us are qualified for.

explodin site profile image  

5/3/12 11:38 PM by explodin

Taking action at the same moment at that time was a lot easier than today.. The only casinos on the strip taking action was MGM/MIRAGE properties as well as Venetian and stratosphere.. There are a few sporting events each year that something odd happens and betting and outcome look rigged but unlike common belief Vegas can't demand a full scale investigation whenever they would like.. I specified every other casino on the strip that was taking action on the fight.

MartialArtsMixed site profile image  

5/3/12 11:31 PM by MartialArtsMixed


Kirik site profile image  

5/3/12 11:27 PM by Kirik

 I have reffed 100s of fights, and cornered 100s. One of the central things I look for is when a guy breaks, and doesn't want to be there. It is not a cause for suspicion when it happens, it is closer to inevitable in a good percentage of fights. Sometimes it is incredibly subtle, and sometimes it doesn't take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing and that is what happened with Yves. The idea that every casino on the strip got a bet at the exact moment is not credible. Vegas has more cameras than CNN, and takes fixes with the utmost seriousness. The idea that who knows how many guys bet at the exact same moment and walked off with a fortune, and no one did anything is just dopey. The problem though is that some people believe what they hear, not what is sensible and true. Take me. I regularly get people asking if I am a racist South African because some maroon posted it somewhere. I was born in America to two native born US citizens. My step mother is a Johannesburg-born and raised, naturalized US citizen; three of my sisters are half African. That is the reality, but because it is written somewhere that I am a racist, some people believe it. I would be really upset if even a single person reads this and concludes Yves threw a fight. He didn't. And the person who made the initial post is not saying he did. I would delete it, but then more people would say oh you deleted it because it is true. So I am stuck right now with simply asking people to use their heads. Don't even get me started on what an insult this is to Hominick.   

Brulesrules001 site profile image  

5/3/12 11:23 PM by Brulesrules001

If i was a fridget tight cunt id? comment that too lmao calm down bro adults dont need the the 30cm rule.

explodin site profile image  

5/3/12 11:13 PM by explodin

I found this thread on another site when I googled yves edwards vs hominick. But when I did a search here is appears Odessa post has been deleted, but Dougie was there to defend Mark also.On the UG, Odessa claims that there was something very fishy about Yves/Hominick because earlier today, somebody bet 20,000 dollars on Hominick at the Vegas window, brining the -600 on Yves to -400 in one bet.Go to the thread "Yves Edwards Bandwagon" on mma.tv for the source.