Chael Sonnen being trained by Stone Cold Steve Austin WHAT


Chael Sonnen walked back on to TSN's Off The Record with Michael Landsberg, and in the clip below, talks about being conditioned by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Wait ... WAT?

"Part of my arrangement with Mr. Austin is that I don't get too into it. So youre going to have to let me side step this one. But look, this isn't anything new. I've worked with him for the last three fights." (Bisping, Stann, Silva)

"He's a strength and conditioning coach. He has me out to the ranch, and he puts me through hell for 30 days. And that's what we use to jump start our training, basically. That's it. He doesn't want to be involved and I'm not going to involve him."


Chael above is borrowing from the world of pro wrestling, but his hype knows no bounds. Below he raps about the upcoming fight.


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EBM site profile image  

5/14/12 2:02 PM by EBM

Heard a couple weeks back that Austin was going to corner Chael for his fight against Anderson. Now after seeing this interview, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

swany site profile image  

5/14/12 10:24 AM by swany

Chael is obviously workin on his "professional wrestling " in preparation for Anderson ending his UFC career

Quadbeak site profile image  

5/14/12 10:14 AM by Quadbeak


The_Spider site profile image  

5/14/12 10:10 AM by The_Spider

Chael has ball and has the wrestling to defeat Silva but the only reason he managed to rock him 2 years ago was because he was injured. Every one of those fighters mentioned tried to punch a healthy Silva. Chael was able to rock an injured Silva. He dominated Silva on the ground, but to say he landed because he has the balls is wrong. Leben, Irvin, Griffin, Belfort, Franklin, Hendo had the balls to stand up with him too. Chael hasn't improved in his last 2 fights as well as Silva has in his. That makes me think a healthy Silva will fare much better next time and finish Chael sooner.

thehenriques site profile image  

5/14/12 9:58 AM by thehenriques

Can't wait to see the sonnen stunner! !! Watch out Anderson! !

Twenty47 site profile image  

5/14/12 9:43 AM by Twenty47


DaddyRich site profile image  

5/14/12 9:38 AM by DaddyRich

Hasn't it been obvious that he's being trained by a pro wrestler?

stonepony site profile image  

5/14/12 8:09 AM by stonepony

Love him or hate him, this is the one guy who had the balls and the skills to rush straight up to Anderson and punch him in the mouth with no dancing around outside to draw it out.Other fighters have had the guts to do it. But, they've all been smashed in embarrassing highlight reel finishes. James Irvin went straight for him, and was put to sleep in a few seconds, effortlessly. Poor Forest, Anderson flapped his arms and said "come on", and Forest doesn't know how to say no to that. So, yeah... Only Chael has had the guts, and the ability, to really go after him.

RedDragonUK site profile image  

5/14/12 8:01 AM by RedDragonUK

I love him hes an entertainer and although id like to see Silva win. Having a charismatic champ like Sonnen is no bad thing.

A bailie site profile image  

5/14/12 7:46 AM by A bailie