Matt Hughes bags a bear

source: The Underground

Matt Hughes loves to hunt.

Whenever an image appears of Hughes with another kill, part of the fanbase thinks "wonder what caliber he used?" Another part of the fanbase thinks "HOW YOU KILLED BAMBI!"

After this one, Dan Hardy challenged Hughes to a fight and suggested hunting was a cure for his impotence.

After this one of Hughes with twin brother Mark, the responses were apoplectic. "f--- you you dirty hick. How about i shoot you when you least expect it. #killinganimalsiswrong we should sick gsp on u again."

A patient Hughes simply posted "If you don't like seeing dead animals please stop following me. I'm not even going to try and educate you PETA idiots."

This time, an image of Hughes with a bear appeared online.

The Underground offered a unique response.

This is actual footage ofCheick Kongo and a bear.

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fightcity site profile image  

6/17/12 1:22 PM by fightcity

Fuck the anti-hunters and their stupid tree hugging hippie propaganda go sing kumbya and eat tufu and stop whining about what alphas do it's none of your business pussies. Now go wash the sand out of your vagina's and get back in the kitchen bitches!

los grappler site profile image  

5/20/12 8:26 PM by los grappler

you posted this while eating a Big Mac didn't you??Nice Work Matt..REAL MAN!!also...rumor has it Matt gave that bear his signature whats up head nod made famous before he gave BJ Penn that mounted crucifix basketball bouncing head workout via his fist right before he put a broad head through it's lung.Ted Nugent approves

superCalo site profile image  

5/20/12 7:31 PM by superCalo

So you're basically admittin you will hunt a defenceless noble deer, but are too frightened to go against a dangerous savage beat, you will take the easy kill but when you're life is on the line and there is a potential for your limbs been torn off by a vicious predator with razor sharp teeth and claws you put up the white flag.Well son Matt Hughes is not like that, he is a huntin farmin bear killin sOb who will never back down from any small or modestly sized beat.

ZzFDKzZ site profile image  

5/20/12 7:30 PM by ZzFDKzZ


superCalo site profile image  

5/20/12 7:16 PM by superCalo

Potentially how many innocent children could this beat have mailed if it was let loose inside a locked classroom ?But no the anti hunting hippies never consider that do they ? All they are concerned about is the bears feelings, well what about the children ? I know we've come along way and we've changing day to day, but tell me where do the children play ?

Smoldy site profile image  

5/20/12 7:09 PM by Smoldy

Ive been hunting my whole life, but only dumb redneck douchebags would shoot a bear. Bears dont adapt to encroaching human civ like birds and many other prey animals do. Their #s are dwindling at a drastic rate. They are beautiful majestic creatures that should be left alone! Go shoot a dove....its harder n e ways

lookoutawhale site profile image  

5/20/12 6:32 PM by lookoutawhale

 the white man is always trying to keep the black bear down!

ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx site profile image  

5/19/12 4:56 PM by ItsMillerTimeinDoBronx

Matt and his brother used to pound each other out by the barn growing up.

UGCTT_LnPninja site profile image  

5/19/12 3:46 PM by UGCTT_LnPninja

 Stop pretending it is for conservation. You fucks just want to stroke your egos and prove that you are a "man" because you can shoot a defenseless animal. (assuming you're one of them since you responded)