Faber: White basically lied to me. I thought it would be Menjivar

source: Pro MMA Radio

"I had first assumed it was going to be Barao, or McDonald or Menjivar and Barao was my first prediction. I started getting tape on him as soon as I found out about Dominick. This was a couple of weeks ago. Then, when Dana came in to do the announcement, I asked him if there were any hints or insights on who it would be and he was saying 'Oh, you wouldn't believe what all had gone down, how McDonald broke his hand and Barao didn't want to leave Brazil, to leave Aldo's side, because Aldo was training' and all this crazy stuff, so I didn't know for awhile. Then like two days before the thing, I had text Dana and he was basically lying to me, saying it was gonna be Menjivar.

For like two days I thought I might be fighting Menjivar. Then the day of the announcement, I was like 'Are you sure it's not Barao?' And he was like, 'Yeah.' But I had a feeling that it was. Then Dana apologized right before he announced it, for basically lying, which is kinda weird, I thought, because Barao was there. I don't care who I fight, I told Dana I wouldn't say anything anyway, if he was thinking I might spoil the surprise, or what the deal was."

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This screen name is taken site profile image  

5/22/12 5:09 PM by This screen name is taken

I agree with this.

FieryErmine site profile image  

5/22/12 4:49 PM by FieryErmine

I think Faber is just trying to explain what was going on before Barao walked out. I don't think he's trying to make a big thing about it.

beanouno site profile image  

5/22/12 4:44 PM by beanouno

Fabers is making to big a thing of this.

Caught by Quick site profile image  

5/22/12 4:33 PM by Caught by Quick


mikerobmma site profile image  

5/22/12 4:14 PM by mikerobmma

That got a good laugh out of me.

CindyO site profile image  

5/22/12 3:57 PM by CindyO


Joshuo J Kingo_MJTT site profile image  

5/22/12 2:05 PM by Joshuo J Kingo_MJTT

Ariany must beat off with her left hand

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

5/22/12 1:10 PM by duckhuntgangsta

 Did he get the bump in views for Friday's show that he needed? I doubt it. 

Jack Skellington site profile image  

5/22/12 8:56 AM by Jack Skellington

carful calling your boss a liar there Faber

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

5/22/12 4:39 AM by Jack_Bauer

I don't think Faber is all that upset about the 2 days, I think he's upset because Dana lied to him when he didn't need to. Probably hard for Faber to ever trust Dana again.