Anthony Johnson doesn't make 185 at Titan Fights

by Tom Ngo | source:

At UFC 142 in January, Vitor Belfort weighed in at the contracted 186 pounds, while opponent  Anthony "Rumble" Johnson weighed in at 197. It was the third, and final time he was to miss weight in the UFC, as he was fired by UFC President Dana White, after losing to Belfort.

Johnson's weight issues do not appear to have ended with his departure from the organization.

Rumble signed with Titan FC to fight David Branch in the headliner this weekend on HDNet.

During an Inside MMA interview Ariel Helwani asked Johnson about the weight. "'You're confident," enquired Ariel about the weight. "You can tell us right now, you can make that 185-pound limit when you fight on May 25th, right?"

"Yep," Johnson said, who added, "I'm always confident." Unfortunately, it was not to pass.

Former UFC star Anthony Johnson has just missed weight for his Titan Fighting Championships debut against David Branch.

Johnson tipped the scale Thursday at 194.2 pounds, which is 8.2lbs over the limit for a non-title middleweight bout. Branch didn’t fare much better by clocking in at 189.2 pounds.

Oddly, Johnson still reportedly agreed to pay Branch $4,000 of his purse in order to keep Friday’s now 195-pound catchweight fight intact.

There are reports that Johnson vs. Branch was originally signed as a 195-pound catchweight bout. This is not true according to Titan’s March press release where Johnson stated,”I’m ready to take on whatever 185-pounder they put in front of me,” and HDNet’s promo video published yesterday (ironically entitled “Will Anthony Johnson Make Weight at Titan 22″) discussing Johnson’s middleweight debut with the organization.

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fightharder site profile image  

5/27/12 12:21 AM by fightharder

Second that. He just needs to start fighting at a higher weight class. I personally do not believe that Johnson does not try. He is professional enough and has enough professional people around him to approach this thing seriously. I just think he is getting a bit older so what was almost impossible in the past is now truly impossible.Move up in weight. I still think he has a pretty decent fight career if he does.

Sudo21 site profile image  

5/26/12 11:43 AM by Sudo21

He destroyed his body with all the weight cut. No wonder everything shuts down when he get's to much dehydrated.

bearockbrobama site profile image  

5/26/12 11:42 AM by bearockbrobama

I love jackass knowitalls who act like they were there when the contract was signed.

DaSilvaMMA site profile image  

5/26/12 11:33 AM by DaSilvaMMA

 Bob Sapp vs Anthony Johnson

hogh20 site profile image  

5/26/12 11:14 AM by hogh20

Somebody should tel Rumble that there are organizations that do have a super heavyweight division....

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

5/26/12 8:24 AM by youarewhatiswrong

Bullshitter, imo

Slapsymaxi site profile image  

5/26/12 7:29 AM by Slapsymaxi

On the broadcast they said they took 20% from Rumble...Boring fight.Rumble gave some odd answers in the post fight interview .First, they asked him how the weight cut went and he said smooth and said how the contracted weight was 195. Miletich brought up that it was changed to 195 because he wasn't making 185.He then claimed his cut for 185 was going great till his body stopped dropping weight and has to see a dr why! Same story he had in the Vitor fight. They talked about 205 for his next fight and Pat asked if he could compete with fighters 225 and he thought it wasn't a problem...So, he was deceptive about not being able to make 185, claimed the cut isn't a problem again- but has a medical issue unrelated to cutting too much weight-Again. Then admitted he's north of 220.Max

swany site profile image  

5/26/12 5:56 AM by swany

If Johnson moves to lh , I think he gets destroyed if he makes it back to UFC , his size advantage was his greatest strength and he won't have that at 205

BaraoKix site profile image  

5/25/12 8:58 PM by BaraoKix

TitanFC is on now

WoodenPupa site profile image  

5/25/12 8:57 PM by WoodenPupa

He's the Bob Sapp of making weight.