Dana White pledges support of Arianny Celeste following arrest

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Friday night Arianny Celeste tweeted to her fans what appeared to be a very pleasant evening. One that at least half the UG would sell not just one kidney for, but both.

Arianny Celeste ‏@AriannyCeleste
11:24 PM (PT), Friday 25 May 2012
Dinner at Mizumi :)

Arianny Celeste ‏@AriannyCeleste
??! forever n always??

Arianny Celeste ‏@AriannyCeleste
I be going crayyyy ha hey bay bayyy.

At 7:30 AM Saturday morning Arianny Celeste and  Praveen Chandra, 34, of Sherman Oaks, Calif. were arrested for allegations of misdemeanor domestic violence, and held on $3,000 bond.



Both are scheduled to appear back before a judge in the Las Vegas Justice Court on June 1, 2012, at 10:45 a.m. PT.

The Las Vegas Sun detailed what happened. Contrary to initial reports that Celeste was arrested, in fact both parties were arrested, and the altercation came to public attention when she ran out of a hotel room. Arianny was apparently arrested for kicking her boyfriend in the face when she found he was texting other women and a struggle ensued over his phone.

A heated argument early Saturday morning in a Wynn hotel room led to the arrest of Arianny Celeste and her boyfriend, Metro Police said.

Celeste, 26, and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Praveen Chandra, each were arrested on a count of battery domestic violence, according to arrest reports released Tuesday.

A Wynn employee heard a crashing sound from a room and saw Lopez come running out of the room shortly after 4:30 a.m., the reports state.

Lopez told police her boyfriend choked her and grabbed her right arm during an argument about text messages, the reports said. Officers noted that Lopez had scratches on her right arm.

Detectives interviewed Chandra who said Lopez kicked him in the nose in a limousine, where the argument started, the reports said.

The argument escalated in the hotel room, at which point Chandra accused Lopez of throwing two vases at him, police said.

Chandra recorded parts of the argument on his cell phone, which showed him following Lopez around the hotel room and demanding to know why she kicked him in the nose, the reports said. Officers noted injuries to Chandra’s nose and scratches to his chest and arm.

“Chandra also continued to laugh at Lopez every time she said how she felt about him,” according to the arrest reports.

Chandra denied ever touching Lopez during the argument and told police he didn’t know how Lopez received cuts on her arms.

Police arrested both Lopez and Chandra and transported them to the Clark County Detention Center. A hearing for the two in Las Vegas Justice Court is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. Friday.

The two have been dating for seven months, according to the arrest reports.

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Other news sources provided additional details.

Police said the fight started in a limo on the way to Wynn Las Vegas, when Celeste took Chandra's phone and accused him of sending text messages to other women.

Chandra claimed Celeste kicked him in the nose, and Celeste accused Chandra of choking her and squeezing her arm in their hotel room, according to the report.

Police said the couple threw glass vases at each other, and Celeste was treated for a cut on her foot after stepping in broken glass.

The report also cited injuries to Celeste's arm and Chandra's face.

Both displayed signs that they were drinking prior to the fight, according to police.

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Chandra told police that the couple had a history of blowups in recent weeks, one in California and another in Hawaii.

She was booked under the name of Arianny Lopez. Lopez, 26, and Chandra told officers they have been dating seven months.

Lopez told a Wynn security guard she had been choked. The police report said officers found no marks. Asked if they had prior incidents, she said, "yes, he always pins me down, but it hasn’t been this bad."

The disturbance started in the limo, according to the report, when she started reading his text messages and "felt he was making derogatory statements about her to unknown females."

Neither required medical attention, the report said.

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UFC President Dana White has pledged his support, via Twitter.

“Arianny is our baby," White said. "She has been with us for over 5 years. She’s a good girl and an amazing ambassador for the UFC. I don’t know all the details of what happened but we have her back and support her 100-percent.”

White expanded on his remarks at the UFC 146 post-fight press conference, early Sunday morning.

"These are all real people," White said. "These are human beings with real lives. Bad things happen sometimes. We're just going through a streak of bad things happening."

"There's always a level of fame, a level of money," he said. "And it's always hard to manage. It's not as easy as everybody thinks. But that wasn't the case with Arianny. Arianny's been around for a long time and she's been making money for a long time.

"This was just a personal issue that I don't know enough about. But I know enough about her that we've got her (back)."

Celeste missed the majority of the UFC 146 event at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, but was met with a resounding cheer from the crowd when monitors panned to her sitting next to fellow octagon girl Brittney Palmer just before Roy Nelson's knockout victory over Dave Herman.

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Trapped site profile image  

5/29/12 11:58 PM by Trapped

I'd let arianny kick me in the face all day

rockwell site profile image  

5/29/12 11:56 PM by rockwell

 Dat bitch cray

Haulport site profile image  

5/29/12 9:46 PM by Haulport

We don't live in a black and white world and, I know this is hard to comprehend because everyone has been completely brainwashed by shows like Law & Order, BUT treating everyone exactly the same and using no common sense or discrention is actually UNJUST. If she hit him with the dish then she needs to be treated the same. In my imaginary scenario she did not hit him with dish and prehaps wasn't even aiming at him. And there should be no "next time." If someone assualts you and throws a dish at you the relationship is over. If you stick around after that whatever you get you deserve and the cops can sort it all out afterwards.

Dre Eastwood site profile image  

5/29/12 8:48 PM by Dre Eastwood

A cocky, Indian dude?? Really?? Boys, it's official. Anyone has a chance with her.

Kid_dynamite319 site profile image  

5/29/12 8:34 PM by Kid_dynamite319

Looks like DW really needs his head call to support Arianny over his fellow slaves umm I mean fighters... @_@

Nick Fury site profile image  

5/29/12 6:23 PM by Nick Fury

Arianny Celeste-Penelope Lopez Marquez at it again.

kevsh site profile image  

5/29/12 6:02 PM by kevsh

11 pages devoted to a love spat involving a ring card girl. Get a life people...

Clichy site profile image  

5/29/12 2:24 PM by Clichy

What if the dish hit him in the head and cut the shit out of him? What if it is a knife or cast iron skillet that she chooses to assault him with next time? It isn't like a man can defend himself, because when the cop show up, even the slightest red mark on her will make it all the man's fault.Violence is violence, and if she commits it then the punishments should be the same, regardless of gender.

time traveling 12er site profile image  

5/29/12 2:08 PM by time traveling 12er

Yeah something does stink and it's your basic reasoning skills. You ever consider that the situations for these people might not be the same, or that what they did to get in trouble might not be the same? Why on earth would you expect someone like Brett Rogers to get the same slack that Arianny gets? And you can't be thinking Arianny beat the shit out of her BF on the lawn in front of her children. So how could you possibly compare these two and use it as a complaint? Seriously.

DSaint site profile image  

5/29/12 2:08 PM by DSaint

 Let's be real here, when a domestic violence call is placed, it's damn near always the dude who gets locked up. I'm guessing that things had to be bad for the female to get taken in...