TKZ fought Poirier with torn rotatator cuff

by Dallas Winston | source:

Dallas Winston: Can you expand on some of your health concerns going into the Poirier fight?

Chan Sung Jung: Now that the fight is over, I can come out and say that my injuries were/are pretty bad. I've been struggling with a bum knee for quite a while now. Actually, it been okay for most of the camp, but started to really hurt near the end of the camp and approaching the fight. Then there's my shoulder. My shoulder had been giving me problems for months now and keeping from doing pulling exercises, pull-ups, chin-ups, even pushups.

I finally had an MRI done and the doctor's verdict is that I have a tear in my rotator cuff. He recommended immediate surgery, but I wasn't about to let some skinny-necked doctors stand between me and my goal, so I played it down and trained through the pain.

If you look at pictures of me before my American fights, you'll see a pretty dramatic change in my physical build; musculature, if you will.

However, heading into the Poirier fight, I had lost quite a bit of the mass that I had been building throughout those previous fights. My physical peak was probably at the Hominick match.

After that, my nagging knee injury started to rear its ugly head again, but this time it had company in a rotator cuff tear. It was the rotator cuff tear that was the culprit to my loss of muscle and mass. It definitely put a crimp in my training style, because I didn't get to do a lot of things I wanted to do. And the things that I did do, I didn't do them to the degree that I would have liked to.

Regardless, we come to fight -- so I manned up and kept training for Poirier, and we saw how that turned out.

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fightharder site profile image  

5/30/12 3:59 PM by fightharder

Sickness....All my friends use to give me slack for rocking the korean Zombie T-shirt.....puny Asian this puny Asian satisfying that they all had to eat crown.Anyways dude is a total badass. Hope he get to see him out of rehab ASAP though because that is a rather fucked up injury.

kao site profile image  

5/30/12 3:53 PM by kao

so what happens if you don't have surgery, will the tear heal itself?

overEZ site profile image  

5/30/12 2:57 PM by overEZ

you know what though...Aldo has injuries too.They should still fight.

D241 site profile image  

5/30/12 1:28 PM by D241

 i concur, i also want him to fuck your girlfriend

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

5/30/12 1:29 AM by KZTT_W85

TKZ is a mans man

DeadlySideCheckKick site profile image  

5/30/12 1:29 AM by DeadlySideCheckKick

He's my hero I want him to fuck my girlfriend

tracylee site profile image  

5/30/12 1:16 AM by tracylee

when I was in Korea he had to sit a lot of the training out for this reason.. In spite of it, he still trained and lifted which was amazing to me... I have issues with my rotator cuff and I am a wuss about it.. I can't imagine a 5 round fight..

Sereval site profile image  

5/29/12 10:25 AM by Sereval

had only a small tear in my rotator culf when I was about 15 and fuck that arm was weak. Seemed to lose a lot of strength in that arm

Masakatsu Funaki site profile image  

5/29/12 1:37 AM by Masakatsu Funaki


Hunterbass site profile image  

5/29/12 12:20 AM by Hunterbass

Jesus Christ. I tore my rotator cuff during high school and I couldn't even lift my books. I couldn't reach my locker. My right arm was useless. It was some of the worst agonizing pain I have ever felt. To this day it still bothers me when I throw a ball around for a while. What a badass.