Manager: Silva's cut only required 3 stitches

by Dann Stupp | source:

That cut – the one changed the course of the fight and left Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva drenched in blood at this past weekend's UFC 146 event – wasn't as bad as it looked.

"It wasn't really a big cut," Silva's manager, Alex Davis, told Radio . "It was right between the eyes. It's a very fleshy part. It bleeds a lot. He's a big guy, and his head is very well irrigated, so it was a blood bath.

"But it only (needed) three stitches. It wasn't that bad, but it looked bad on TV."

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Joshua J King site profile image  

5/31/12 1:18 AM by Joshua J King

Well you also gotta factor in that dude has 9 pints in his head alone. If he was the victim in that Miami face eating incident,the face eater wouldn't have made it past his brow.

Joshua J King site profile image  

5/31/12 1:14 AM by Joshua J King

More like a dip in cabin pressure. Brah,I have a plate where my growth plate in my right ankle was shattered. I've broken many many bones but never any open wounds. I'm not trying to say it was anything severe. My finger is forever altered and numb at the very tip of it but it never was painful,I just felt like I was going to faint but idk what that's like because I've never been ko'd by anything other than chemicals.

soundsdistilled site profile image  

5/31/12 1:13 AM by soundsdistilled

No way that was enough blood loss to make him feel even slightly woozy or faint. He was blinded for sure but in a horrible position regardless.I gashed my head open badly; 11 staples across and 7 down, against the skull on the side so i bled like a stuck pig - wrapped it in my t-shirt, stuck my socks on top to soak it up and went back to my friend to drive me to the hospital. Never got even a bit dizzy or lightheaded. He was a huge dude though, and almost fainted at the sight of my blood. Some can deal with it, some can't...

Chris27 site profile image  

5/31/12 1:11 AM by Chris27

SMH, Big Foot had nothing for him, cut or not Cain took him down with ease and pounded the shit out of him.

stonepony site profile image  

5/31/12 1:07 AM by stonepony

Take the biggest baddest guy in the world, and he's waaaaay more likely to gag at the sight of a poopy diaper, or faint and smack his head at the sight of blood.

Joshua J King site profile image  

5/31/12 1:07 AM by Joshua J King

Ahh I did that too,pulled it back. Just almost fell down,light headed like I did some nitrous or acid kicking in.

stonepony site profile image  

5/31/12 1:05 AM by stonepony

Exactly right Hex. People in war have had their leg blown off, tied it off, and never come close to fainting. A split finger tip, and the blood loss, won't make you faint. The sight of a split finger will though. If you're a guy.Females are hard-wired to be able to deal with this stuff. It's part of the reason they make better nurses. Because they're built to make good mothers. If women passed out from the sight of blood, children who get injured would be less likely to survive. Those women would also be less likely to survive child birth.It's the same reason that women have a higher tolerance for pain.

HexRei site profile image  

5/30/12 9:55 PM by HexRei

Seems unlikely that you lost a significant amount of blood from a cut on your finger. Certainly not enough to "make you feel like you were gonna pass out". There are other physiological and psychological effects that can account for the way you felt and make more sense.

rockwell site profile image  

5/30/12 9:50 PM by rockwell

 I was underwhelmed with this fight as I really would have liked to see how it played out without the cut. Not to take anything from Cain. He was throwing them bows in anger. He was anything but underwhelming. But a cut like that is a bit of a "freak" situation (reminds me a bit of Shoguns arm break against Coleman). Yes, the guy who won showed skills and it's not a knock on them. Just saying it would've been more interesting to see it play out.