UFC on FX 3, who's fighting for their job?

by Joe Chacon | source: bleacherreport.com

Sean Pierson

Dustin Pague

This will only be Dustin Pague's second fight in the Octagon. Although a hard fought loss won't put him on the chopping block, another quick defeat might.

Leonard Garcia

Leonard Garcia doesn't have a stellar professional record to begin with (15-8), but his UFC record is even more unimpressive at 2-4.

Matt Grice

The aforementioned Grice has had a very successful MMA career outside of the UFC. Unfortunately for him the results haven't transpired very well inside the Octagon where his is just 1-4 with all four of those losses coming in the first round.

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decu68 site profile image  

6/8/12 6:17 PM by decu68

Echo the sentiment; Garcia is not going to be on the chopping block. Garcia is exciting win or lose. His technique isn't great but he puts everything into the fight; heart, soul and the kitchen sink. People want to see him fight and that is enough for the UFC to keep him. He may not get a lot of fights but he will still be on the roster.

epic hero site profile image  

6/8/12 5:18 PM by epic hero

Bleacher report...nothing to see here folks.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

6/8/12 4:46 PM by Cyril Jeff

  Shane's post > The Internets

Loxly site profile image  

6/8/12 2:32 PM by Loxly

 i don't know, Jorge Gurgel fought his heart out for the UFC, couple fight of the night awards, amazing ground game but prefered to keep it standing to entertain the fans and was cut. he had some great fights

TheMorg826 site profile image  

6/8/12 2:05 PM by TheMorg826

ugh..i hate threads like these

JDV site profile image  

6/8/12 1:04 PM by JDV

I have to disagree with Shane. Losing may be unavoidable, but not everybody that loses their next fight is at much risk of being cut.Not everbody that underperforms at work is either, but if it occurs often, they get fired, or demoted. So just because stocks can go up or down, we shouldn't write about them because it's obvious they'll do one of the two? We shouldn't write about underperforming companies or CEOs because we don't have nice things to say?Yes, these are people that work hard and yes its martial arts, but it doesnt make it unreasonable to point out that a fighter not winning may not get to remain in the most elite level of competition. 1st and foremost the UFC is still a business like any other.

UGCTT_RickStorm site profile image  

6/8/12 12:51 PM by UGCTT_RickStorm

 Wow Shane! That was a great great heartfelt post... Thank you for that

Jaybrone site profile image  

6/8/12 12:50 PM by Jaybrone

Carwin like a motherfuckin BOSS

Paperclip Willy site profile image  

6/8/12 12:34 PM by Paperclip Willy

Yup, I'll agree with the majority.How dare you put these ideas out there as a kid writing on Bleacher Report.Now, first off. I am a die hard NBA fan as well. I have been on forums for that since 2003. Bleacher Report is banned on all the big sites because it is complete and utter bull shit.You don't need any experience to write for them.Number 2. How you can fucking write these pieces about guys who already know that they are on the brink?You think Leonard doesn't know he has to win?I understand why these "articles" exist, but the fight game is one where no one should be trying to shed light on a guy getting kicked out of the top. org.

kanodogg2 site profile image  

6/8/12 12:27 PM by kanodogg2

That's an alarming statistic. 50% of all fighters on every ufc card will lose their fight.