Dana White: Florida is just a tough, tough market

source: sherdog.com

The UFC has not put on a PPV show in Florida since 2004; after last night's UFC on FX 3, that is unlikely to change.

In a post-fight interview with Ariel Helwani, UFC President Dana White discusssed some of the difficulties.

One fan summed up officiating issues with a gif:


Ariel Helwani: Horrible calls all throughout the night. A bunch of 30-27s on the opposite way, some bad referee calls, is this just something that you have come to expect at this point, unfortunately?

Dana White: Yah, listen, I don't want to go slamming anybody down here, but it's been a long time since we've been here. We come here every once in a while. This is a tough market. Florida is just a tough, tough market man, to sell tickets in. So these guys don't have the experience.

If you look at Nevada, and how much experience they have, and look at all the bad calls there, it's something that plagues this sport right now.  (0:49 mark)

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player101 site profile image  

6/11/12 4:55 PM by player101

Exactly. Whoever scheduled the event f'ed up big time. Everyone I know that watches MMA skipped the event because of Gasparilla. They would have a better turnout on Christmas Eve. Not to mention the Sundome at that time was a shithole (USF has redone it from what i hear).

SKARHEAD site profile image  

6/11/12 3:56 PM by SKARHEAD

A UFC Hawaii would be great. No need to shit on Florida just because Dana bombed on an incredibly shitty card filled w/ no name fighters...Escpecially considering how well other MMA shows have done here in the past. HOWEVER if you guys are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO desperate for a UFC show that you will go to it even though it is filled w/ no name fighters and not even one headline worthy star....Go right ahead. i uswed to be that way too 10 years ago before MMA got big down here and we had so many shows here....Maybe we're spoiled here, because we've had a shit ton of UFCs on Spyke @ the Hardrock that has always done well...Bellator has a good turnout....and both Strikeforce and Elite XC had AMAZING turnouts and incredible crowds....but those cards had just a liiiiitle something this card did not.Can you do the math ???Come on...you can do it.Past UFC shows and other promotions have done VERY well in Florida. Great turnouts.Those cards had stars and fighters people actually cared about. STARSThis last UFC had NONE....and the main even was between 2 chiuahuas w/ a combined weight of 100lbs...NEITHER of which could be named on the street by anybody other than a complete MMA internet nerd. Arenas don't get filled w/ MMA elitest internet forum nerds...They get filled w/ MAINSTREAM regular folks.You want a good turn out Dana ? Put some stars on the card and fighters the average person might actually KNOW and want to see.Otherwise just go to Hawaii or whatever hick states w/ low standards who will gladly lap up any watered down TUF flavored UFC product and will GLADLY pay a HEFTY fee as long as it has the official "U F C" logo stamped on it. The rest of us know overpriced watered down shit when we see it.

SKARHEAD site profile image  

6/11/12 3:44 PM by SKARHEAD


Darth Ryase site profile image  

6/10/12 10:12 PM by Darth Ryase

I've literally laughed at this gif over 10 times the last month. It never gets old.

JustPeed site profile image  

6/10/12 9:54 PM by JustPeed

A big card in Orlando would do great ad far as attendance. Plus the Amway center is prolly the nicest arena in America right now. But it seems we'll never get a show in Orlando now. I started a thread that got huge about bringing ufc to Orlando. South Florida is just too far of a drive for a lot of people. Orlando is perfect location. Perfect demographic and has a perfect arena.

dhughes site profile image  

6/10/12 9:05 PM by dhughes

EXACTLY! UFC is HUGE here. So huge it is almost embarrassing.

octopussy site profile image  

6/10/12 9:04 PM by octopussy

Fuck Florida and every asshole in it

dhughes site profile image  

6/10/12 9:03 PM by dhughes

I live in Central Florida. There is no where I have ever been where I have seen more "MMA schools" than here. I'm sure Vegas and parts of California have more just by proxy. But, blaming the event on Florida is just naive. Every frat boy in this state is a "cage fighter." In short, it's not us, it's you.

ima zombie site profile image  

6/10/12 7:51 PM by ima zombie