Bisping: Chael thought Silva was out and we were fighting


Last week a rumor floated that Anderson Silva was for whatever reason not going to fight Chael P. Sonnen; instead, Michael Bisping would be brought in for a rematch, Bisping's knee injury not being as severe as widely believed.

It turns out, at least once source of the rumor was Sonnen himself, as related by Michael Bisping on UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Kenny Florian: "You recently received a text message from one Chael Sonnen, and it's a little peculiar... we'll let you tell the story, he reaches out to you and says, 'are we going to have another fight?'"

Michael Bisping: "The thing is, to be honest, direct messages on Twitter, it's personal, it's private and I think it would be improper of me to divulge that information.

"But, when have you known me to do the proper thing? (Takes out cell phone).

"So here we have the information (checks messages). I was actually sat in the doctors surgery* when this came through.

"The message said: (reads cell phone message from Chael) ‘Alright man, here's my guess. You're not hurt, and we're rematching. If I'm right, give me a clue in your next tweet: Include the word 'lad'.

"And I'm sat in the doctor's surgery and I'm like 'What in the Hell is this guy talking about?'

"Obviously, he's quaking in his boots at the thought of a rematch, because he knows I won the last fight, and he doesn't want to fight me again. Then, another one came through, ‘Alright, conspiracy is theory over. Get well soon.'"

"So, ya know, Planet Chael strikes again!"

Watch entire interview...

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the geek site profile image  

6/27/12 12:38 AM by the geek

So here's a quote from a Kirik thread about being on the set of Here Comes The Boom: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Kirik    Posted: 5/10/11 3:07 PM  Edited: 05/10/11 3:12 PM  The Underground, Mayor for Life Member Since: 1/1/01 Posts: 43495 Ignore | Quote | Vote Down | Vote Up    The set is mindboggling. Chael Sonnen here, Bas Rutten, Wanderle Silva, Mark DellaGrotte, Leonard Nimoy, a ton of names.  Kevin James is in the cage (one of three or four) with his shirt off rehearsing and shooting a fight scene over and over and over. While not ripped so much, he moves really well, has definitelty trained for a many years. He looks like he is having a hard time appearing like he sucks - you can tell throwing wild haymakers is awkward. Fight choreographer is some one-eyed kickboxer, who choreographed Avatar. Jason Lambert is the stunt double for Kevin James. They look like twins pretty much. Fights look realistic, not hammed up at all. At some point in theory I will ref. Amyone has any questions? I am doing nothing but hurrying up and waiting."     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember the comment made by oracle4321 about Kirik going back to being a ref in the original Silva is injured thread? It's safe to say that if oracle sin't chael it's someone from this movie??? Just call me the geek P.I.  

deadlyonetwo3 site profile image  

6/15/12 9:15 AM by deadlyonetwo3

 Chael is one of the best things going in MMA. Get over it! Any competitor wants to know who they're going to be facing. Lol.  I found the exchange funny.

weaselGRM site profile image  

6/15/12 8:44 AM by weaselGRM

Haha! Nice one! But Mike was right imo. A five rounder would be a completely different story!

Ryan Black site profile image  

6/14/12 9:10 PM by Ryan Black

Lol nope, not NPD... not by a longshot ;)His s/n is a play on words. Thinking about it, if Chael was posting here undercover, it would be a perfect cover as no one would tie him to the music group his screen name represents. But the way he posted in a recent thread about TRT was a dead giveaway. He actually paraphrased something he'd written in his book, and the tone and writing style was unmistakeably his. Definitely not a guy with a slight Mexican accent, lol. I read more of his posts and the resemblence is uncanny.

the geek site profile image  

6/14/12 8:53 PM by the geek

Yup, funny as hell and the most entertaining fighter out there (outside the octagon). I'll waltch his talk show religiously when he retires after he loses to Anderson.

jonnyjitsu uktt site profile image  

6/14/12 8:40 PM by jonnyjitsu uktt

I never thought I'd say it but I'm now a fully signed up member of the Chael war wagon. That guy is funny as fuck, I love him.

BaraoKix site profile image  

6/14/12 8:20 PM by BaraoKix

Oracle has "tapped" into this thread...

SleepBomb site profile image  

6/14/12 8:15 PM by SleepBomb

 yeah seriously, chael loves having his face in between another man's legs until he almost chokes to death

ausgepicht site profile image  

6/14/12 7:45 PM by ausgepicht

Only two places that most turds come from: Brazil or England. That should narrow it down. For Brazilians their excuse is the cat parasite, for Brits it gangrene in their mouths that spreads to their brain. This results in a bad case of selective reality and massive denial. In essence, they excuse away every loss their life partners have.  

the geek site profile image  

6/14/12 9:51 AM by the geek

It NPD isn't it?