Condit: TRT 'muddies the water' of MMA


“I think it’s a slippery slope, you know what I mean? You let guys start using testosterone and it’s – where does it end? You know what I mean? I wonder, especially for younger guys, I know Frank Mir’s a little bit older and of course your testosterone levels kind of dip as you get older, but some of these younger guys, you know, guys maybe in their late twenties and thirties using testosterone replacement therapy, I wonder, I wonder why is there testosterone low in the first place? And I, my theory is they may have been using something in the past, because when you use steroids, your body, after you get off has a hard time bringing yourself up to natural levels. I don’t know man. I’m not going to judge anybody, but that’s just, that’s not – I got to where I am without ever ever using any performance enhancing drugs.

I love MMA because of the purity of the sport and I think it just muddies the water when you start throwing stuff like that in there. And ultimately, it’s not up for me to decide. That’s for Athletic Commissions and I guess Dana White and the UFC brass to figure out what they’re going to do with that. But, you know, personally, that’s just, I have to just, you know, continue with what’s worked for me, and that’s just being clean.”

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DoubleWhopperCombo site profile image  

6/19/12 1:11 AM by DoubleWhopperCombo

Are the waters muddied?

Octagon Mom site profile image  

6/19/12 1:02 AM by Octagon Mom

Yes, it's called the wigger-fication of America and future generations of Earth have no chance of surviving because of it.

DonStirFrye site profile image  

6/18/12 9:12 PM by DonStirFrye

All synthetic testosterone is absolutely banned and illegal in the Olympics so what exactly are you talking about?

Carrtrouble site profile image  

6/18/12 8:22 PM by Carrtrouble

You know?... You know?... You know?... You know?... You know?... You know?..Lol anyone else catch this?

Octagon Mom site profile image  

6/18/12 7:33 PM by Octagon Mom

If someone could get a Condit quote on Marijuana metabolites, then we would have a story.

Octagon Mom site profile image  

6/18/12 7:18 PM by Octagon Mom

Thank you for coming out of your China doll case to give us that gem of knowledge Carlos.

P4PKING site profile image  

6/18/12 1:00 PM by P4PKING

Jaay hieron. Gsp. Estima

LoganClark site profile image  

6/18/12 12:15 PM by LoganClark

This thread is going, exciting places.I agree with Condit.

Malvert the Janitor site profile image  

6/18/12 10:27 AM by Malvert the Janitor


MMALOGIC site profile image  

6/18/12 10:20 AM by MMALOGIC

 trt is legal in the olympics...