Bradley vs. Pacquiao spurs Federal legislation


Giving voice to the outrage over Timothy Bradley's controversial split decision over Manny Pacquiao, two senators introduced legislation Monday that would create a special boxing commission to oversee all matches in the United States and restore integrity to the sport.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who boxed while at the U.S. Naval Academy, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., a former middleweight boxer, are pushing the measure establishing the U.S. Boxing Commission, an entity that would carry out Federal boxing law, work with the industry and local commissions and license boxers, promoters, managers and sanctioning organizations.

Speaking on the Senate floor, McCain evoked the words of former sportswriter Jimmy Cannon, who called boxing the ''red light district of sports.'' He said the recent dispute stemming from the welterweight bout between Bradley and Pacquiao ''is the latest example of the legitimate distrust boxing fans have for the integrity of the sport.''

''Clearly, the conspiracy theories and speculation surrounding the fight are given life because there are so many questions surrounding the integrity of the sport and how it is managed in multiple jurisdictions,'' said McCain, who pointed out that professional boxing is the only sport in the United States without a strong, centralized association regulating it.

Under the legislation, all referees and judges participating in a championship or a professional fight lasting 10 rounds or more would have to be fully registered and licensed by the commission. A sanctioning organization could provide the names of judges and referees it considers qualified for that caliber bout, but only the commission could appoint judges and referees to participate in the matches.

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UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

6/20/12 1:10 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

He doesn't suffer from mental illness, we suffer from his mental illness.:)

kanodogg2 site profile image  

6/20/12 12:53 PM by kanodogg2

How long have you suffered from mental illness

Dosantowned site profile image  

6/20/12 12:50 PM by Dosantowned

Hope he crushes boxing into bolivia.

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

6/20/12 12:33 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

Biting and fish-hooking have been illegal in MMA since UFC1.Try again.

UGCTT_Fillthy site profile image  

6/20/12 12:29 PM by UGCTT_Fillthy

Asking the government to root out corruption?Seriously? That's like asking NAMBLA to fix the problems with Child Protective Services.

TheBeebs site profile image  

6/20/12 12:16 PM by TheBeebs


Kneeblock site profile image  

6/20/12 12:00 PM by Kneeblock

 I think the Soviets proved that having government regulated sports programs could actually produce superior results as it equalizes the playing field and takes the influence of money out of it.  Perhaps the United Nations will someday take over all sports and we'll have global professional Olympics that eventually turn into the Hunger Games.

jaytrainwreck site profile image  

6/20/12 10:56 AM by jaytrainwreck

That piece of legislation is a power grab disguised as something good. Say no to big government!?

Systema site profile image  

6/20/12 9:36 AM by Systema

Haha! Very nicely put.Clearly these geezers lost big $ on that on that one and now they're pissed. Serves them right! shouldn't be gambling with taxpayers' dollars.

Unseen site profile image  

6/19/12 8:19 PM by Unseen

 LOL everyone wants smaller govenment until they want something they like fixed.