SSS: Gene LeBell is an a------ if he said I pooped my pants


Steven Seagal recently appeared on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour and discussed debatably the greatest fighter in Mixed Martial Arts history Anderson Silva ("he either fears me pretends to fear me") and debatably the father of mixed martial arts Gene LeBell (if he said that he's a sick, pathological, scumbag, a-----, liar, I did not poop my pants).

Rumor has it that Steven Seagal is a creep. As former Pride commentator and fight coordinator Stephen Quadros relates “I had heard all the horror stories about how he would hurt actors and stunt performers, dislocated shoulders, kick guys in the nuts to see if they were wearing cups, etc. I had heard about Gene LeBell."

The LeBell story is legend.

As it goes, in 1991, Gene LeBell was working as a stunt coordinator on Out for Justice. At some point Seagal announced that due to his Aikido training, he was immune to chokes. When then 58-year-old LeBell heard about the claim, he gave Seagal the opportunity to test it.

LeBell set the choke up, Seagal said "Go" and Seagal promptly went. As the story goes, Seagal went out and went #1 and #2 in his pants.

Ever since, either because of a rumored legal gag order (see action figure for confirmation :-), or because in the stunt business what happens on the set stays on the set, LeBell has never fully confirmed the story.

On The MMA Hour, Seagal vehemently denied the Gene LeBell dookie pants story.

“I don’t even know if he is still alive. Is he still alive? I never knew this about him – either he is a pathological liar or he had somebody making up these stories. He came over to my trailer and I was with a guy called Conrad Palmisano who is still a legend, one of the greatest stunt co-ordinators in the history of Hollywood.

“[LeBell and I] were standing there talking about moves and stuff like that and we were just doing some stretching and he was showing me how you can stretch … he wanted to stretch my back and then I kind of flipped over the top of him and said ‘thank you for that.

“There was never any confrontation with him ever. In any way, shape or form. And I swear to god on my children – and they are the most precious thing in my life – if he is saying that he is a pathological scumbag liar. I keep answering that. Either he made up this lie or someone made it up.

“When I first heard it was dumbfounded and so was Conrad Palmisano, who you are welcome to talk to, he was standing right there. He’s probably the most famous stunt co-ordinator in our business and a Vietnam veteran, a great salt of the earth and an honest, upright non-lying man.

“Gene Le Bell has never even said anything impolite to me. When he has seen me he has been extremely polite to me and just acted like a friend. I think you know the truth here and everyone else knows the truth and if Gene is saying shit like that he should be ashamed of himself.

“And after I heard this I did start to think of some other things he had said, like he said to me he had beat the shit out of Bruce Lee and I started to think well maybe this guy is a pathological liar. He should never make up these kind of sick… you know… It just makes him look like a total a------. It makes him look like a demented child.”

Seagal also discussed Anderson Silva, equally annoyingly in its own way.

"With me he's already been very, very, very humble," said Seagal. "He either fears me pretends to fear me. He's a consummate gentleman, a great student and a great friend. To me he's the way I'd want any of my students or friends to be."

UFC/2012/6/18/3095617/steven-seagal-says-chael-sonnen-had-extremely-unfair-advantage-in" target="_blank">Read entire article...

(2:14:30 mark)

These quotes are not gaffes in an otherwise commendable life, as detailed in this blog on "the most ridiculous man in the world.
Part I
Part II
Sample text: 
In all honesty, Seagal is a serial con artist, a pathological narcissist, an insecure misogynist, a cowardly bully and a self-aggrandizing, deluded, languid, physically grotesque, psuedo-mystical madman. But most of all, he’s the most ridiculous and entertaining man in the world, and for that I will always be an ardent fan.

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thirdleg site profile image  

6/22/12 8:56 PM by thirdleg

I personally am a better striker than Jon Jones. I would say he is right around a 3-stripe white belt in boxing.

The Swinging Richard site profile image  

6/22/12 8:10 PM by The Swinging Richard


Musashi site profile image  

6/22/12 8:08 PM by Musashi

To say that Jones has undeveloped striking technique does not mean that Jones hasn't been effective in his fights because of other attributes and abilities. There is no contradiction and no slight on Machida.The 'bashing' of Machida is your own interpretation based on your own bias against Seagal.And fwiw... I'm not emotionally invested one way or the other. I don't like or dislike Seagal. That's why I have no problem acknowledging that he's a raging narcissist AND his relationship with Silva and Machida is legit AND the rumors about him are funny AND the story about him shitting his pants is a fabrication AND he's taking advantage of MMA success to gain popularity AND he has helped MMA fighters and indirectly promoted MMA in his movies AND he runs like a girl AND on and on. Again. There is no contradiction.

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

6/22/12 5:13 PM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

@MushashiI agree that he did help, but common sense, as you say, says that he just bashed Machida for falling to Jones striking in the end. Also I believe you expect people to keep an open mind when you havent about why we say is being dellusional. Im really not trying to argue, if thats what its come across as. Im just stating Seagul's claims do not match up. I though do give you kudos for standing your ground

MarcusRenatoBlackBelt site profile image  

6/22/12 3:02 PM by MarcusRenatoBlackBelt

Stephen Seagall was the trio of tough guys in MMA -- Him, Chuck Norris, and Van Damme before MMA existed. ;Those were the TOUGHEST guys on earth. After Royce Gracie came around, the tide has changed. Many regard anything Martial Arts related as tainted. There is a great deal of anger from the many people who predicted in the ponzi like scheme of a McDojo. Now, martial arts are mocked on the forums and scoffed at. Rather than be "left behind", some people feel as though Seagall is riding the coattails of Silva and Machida.Many people have completely written off is Training in Aikido and other martial arts. Yes, a lot off the sparring is useless in a real fight, but there is legitimate fighting technique and knowledge that Seagall has. The backlash against the Arts is blinding MMA traditionalists who think their cookie-cutter ways of MMA are the only useful ways. Rather telling, Anderson Slva and Lyoto Machida are open-minded and willing to absorb some teachings from Seagall.

Chimonos Revenge site profile image  

6/22/12 2:54 PM by Chimonos Revenge

Seeing Seagal in anything but a form covering trench coat, or watching or listening to him play guitar is enough to scare me.Maybe Anderson didnt qualify what about Seagal actually scares him.I would also fear letting Seagal use my bathroom after a meal of 3 big macs and whatever else his diet consists of.

sunderground site profile image  

6/22/12 2:54 PM by sunderground

Oh, and fuck Ariel Helwani for his sanctimonious "Nam Phan, Joe Rogan, Judo Gene.... all you people talking smack... you should BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES"Until I see the Master Seagal fighting for real, I'll continue to think of him as a bad actor.

sunderground site profile image  

6/22/12 2:51 PM by sunderground

Clown. Who cant parry a punch when they know its coming?If it was real and Anderson did the right thing (right hook), we wouldnt have to watch that bullshit.

birdo site profile image  

6/22/12 1:19 PM by birdo

Narcissist + Retard = Seagal

Musashi site profile image  

6/22/12 5:17 AM by Musashi

There is nothing blind about stating facts.